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Office of Acquisition (OA) Operational Guidance

Below are OA operational guidance to ensure TTS achieves excellent acquisition outcomes.


This page includes standard operating procedures, #readme’s, templates, checklists and other operational guidance documents, established to keep TTS procurement practices agile, current, applicable and in compliance at the Federal, Agency and Service levels. In keeping with an agile principle of continuous improvement, TTS OA will solicit feedback in iterations to keep our guidance most up to date and accurate.


Please note that the TTS OA Operational Guidance apply only to acquisition related activities executed and/or administered by warranted Contracting Officers (CO) and supported by Contracting Officer’s Representatives (COR), product leads and technical leads within the GSA-FAS-TTS Office of Acquisition (OA).

Contract File Management

Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) requires each office performing contracting, contract administration, or paying functions to establish files containing the records of all contractual actions.

COs: Review and follow the TTS OA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-Contract File Management and Contract File Checklist on CO’s official contract file content, organization and storage. For contract modifications, please see Modification Checklist. Note that all official contract/project folders, procurement documents, and contract file checklists must be stored in GSA TTS Google Drive.

CORs: Review #Readme-Contracting Officer’s Representative (COR) File and COR File Checklist on setting up and maintaining a file for each contract. If you are a COR and you have questions, please contact your CO for further assistance.

Contract Transfer Guidance

GSA contracts and their respective CO duties can be transferred from one office to another. For the most part, TTS will be the gaining office and TTS COs should proactively engage in the contract transfer process to ensure a smooth transition.

COs: Review and follow #Readme-Contract Transfer and Roles and Responsibilities and Process on receiving contracts from other GSA offices and assuming the CO duties of those contracts going forward. Note that the the Contract Transfer Checklist and the Contract Transfer Memo to File must be completed and signed by both the transferor CO and the transferee CO.

COR Appointment and Delegation

CORs: You are qualified individuals appointed by COs to assist in the technical monitoring and/or administration of contracts. The delegated COR must possess appropriate Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer’s Representatives (FAC-COR) certification and qualifications for the assigned contract.

COs: To ensure that you are using the most up-to-date letter, please use this COR Designation Letter template each time you issue a new COR delegation. Be sure to thoroughly review the content of the letter with the COR at the time of delegation.

COR Training

The Federal Acquisition Certification for Contracting Officer’s Representatives (FAC-COR) contains three levels of certification that allows for appropriate training and experience for CORs managing a range of various contracts from low-risk to high-risk and complex acquisitions.

CORs: Review FAC-COR Requirements for education, experience, training requirements for each FAC-COR level. Refer to FAITAS Frequently Asked Questions to learn how to apply for training. If you have questions, please Slack #fac-cor and tag @michellepet, TTS-Bureau Certification Manager for further assistance.

IT Acquisition Reviews and Approvals

The GSA IT review process can be cumbersome to say the least, so we hope that TTS OA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-IT Acquisition Reviews and Approvals will clearly explain all the necessary IT reviews and guide our team to successful coordination and compliance with internal and external stakeholder offices.

Management Reviews

One condition of FAS Commissioner’s re-delegated limited procurement authority is for TTS to have an official process to review procurement actions to ensure compliance with applicable policies and regulations.

COs and CORs: Be sure to review and follow TTS OA Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-Management Reviews of Procurement Actions. It is imperative that you add sufficient time for management reviews when developing acquisition milestones.

Non-Disclosure Agreement and COI

When conducting federal acquisitions, federal employees are entrusted with certain information that is not generally known to the public. Hence, the employees required to adhere to specific guidelines for disclosing confidential information.

Anyone handling acquisitions must review and follow #Readme-Conflict Of Interest (COI)/Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA). There are two Evaluation COI/NDA templates: for TTS employees and for non-government individuals. There is a separate Post-award COI/NDA template for non-government individuals. Please email your signed and dated COI/NDA to your Contracting Officer so that it can be filed properly. Slack #tts-oa-internalbuy if you have any questions.

Office of Acquisition Roles and Responsibilities

Members of the TTS Office of Acquisition can serve in a variety of different roles. TTS OA Roles and Responsibilities defines the role and responsibilities of the members in TTS OA, with an emphasis on the COR and other team members’ role in the post-award contract management process.

Still have questions?

Ask in Slack: #tts-oa