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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at TTS

A diverse organization creates a spectrum of solutions and ideas, and helps us challenge status quo thinking. Inside TTS, the work of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI or DE&I) is a collective effort: every employee makes a difference.

The TTS Diversity Guild has collaboratively drafted this handbook page to outline how we approach DEI in TTS. We believe that diversity is vital to a successful organization and that it is crucial to reflect the diversity of the public we serve. We also recognize that a diverse workforce is not enough. We are committed to promoting an inclusive environment where all individuals feel like they can bring their whole selves, their uniqueness is valued, and they are an integral part of TTS’s mission to improve the public’s experience with the government.

Code of Conduct

The foundation for the Diversity Guild’s work is based on the TTS Code of Conduct.

We strive to create a community where everyone feels empowered to speak up. However, we recognize that there are always power dynamics at play and that each of us has personal preferences when discussing sensitive information. If you would like to discuss an issue without disclosing your name, please use this anonymous form.


We actively work to eliminate bigotry and subtle forms of disrespect (e.g. microaggressions, microinvalidations, etc.) from our workplace. We also understand that in order to address unconscious bias you have to start somewhere. Below are resources for anyone to learn more about diversity and inclusion principles and best-practices.


We believe there are four sources of inclusiveness at every organization, and we work to align our organization to these principles.

1. Organizational level: Practices and activities that contribute to, or detract from, an inclusive organization.

2. Management: The support you receive from your managers - this includes program managers, leads, and/or supervisors.

3. Work-group level: Day-to-day interpersonal relationships and the team climate.

4. Individual level: The contributions you make that affect inclusion and awareness of diversity.

Diversity Guild

The Diversity Guild is a formal, on-going way for employees to share experiences, resources, and learn from one another via weekly meetings and #g-diversity)🔒.

How to get involved

Not only does the Diversity Guild provide a space for learning, it also promotes the belief in sharing what you’ve learned. The group also tries to provide insight on how TTS currently integrates DEI and could better integrate DEI principles at every point: from recruitment, interviewing, and onboarding, all the way to terming out, leaving the organization, or even returning to TTS.