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TTS Telework - How to submit Full Time Telework Agreement for new hires

In most, if not all cases, new employees that are “Virtual” in the final job offer have had initial telework documentation completed by their supervisors or the talent team. The Telework Agreement is still needed and required by GSA, but with those pre-approvals in place, the following steps should be fairly simple and work for you.

Shortly after starting with TTS, you should receive an email with attachments from TTS PeopleOps. One of these documents is the completed Full-Time Telework Agreement (FTTA), also known as Form 3703. This document needs to be uploaded to HR Links as part of the process described below.

Note: you may receive your completed FTTA well in advance of gaining access to HR Links (HR Links access typically happens early in week 2 of employment), so you may need to search back in your inbox to find your FTTA.

In the same email with your completed FTTA, there should be a PDF with instructions on how to complete the Full-Time Telework Agreement on HR Links. After you have access to HR Links, follow the instructions emailed to you in the PDF attachment.

Some clarifying points for this process are listed below.

  • Your full-time telework address is your full home address.

  • When asked for Agency Worksite, use the main TTS address: 1800 F Street NW, Washington DC 20405

  • When asked for your approval date, enter your start date

  • Unless you are within 50 miles of TTS in D.C., the answer to whether you live within commuting distance of the official worksite/duty station is NO.

  • The document to upload to the HR Links Telework Agreement form is the completed FTTA (3703) document, referenced above. That email comes from TTS PeopleOps.

  • You do NOT need to fill out the specific details about the Telework Analysis Tool at the end of the process. Those fields can be left blank.