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TTS Telework - How to submit Full Time Telework Agreement for new hires

This is a short How-To guide for new employees in full time telework positions to quickly and easily submit your Telework Agreement through HR Links. In most, if not all cases, new employees that are “Virtual” in the final job offer have had initial telework documentation completed by their supervisors or the talent team. The Telework Agreement is still needed, but with those pre-approvals in place, the following steps should work for you.

Note: This process is different from the vendor-supplied how-to PDF, as the form sections and fields are not quite the same as what that document states.

  1. Log in to HR Links
  2. Find the GSA Regular Telework Agreement via either:
  • on your HR Links Home Page
  • or, by following this path: Navigator > Self-Service > Personal Information > GSA Regular Telework
  1. On the GSA Telework Agreement page, select the “Add a New Value” tab to get started.

Note: If you’re joining as a new, full-time telework (remote) employee, the Talent Team will have already completed and approved the GSA Form 3703 Full-Time Telework Arrangement Analysis Tool, so you can ignore the instructions abut filling that form out.

Part A. Full-Time Telework Arrangement Data

Fill out the form using the following information for Part A:

  1. 1st “Select” dropdown: Full Time Telework
  2. 2nd “Select” dropdown: New Arrangement
  3. 3rd “Select” dropdown: Long-Term Arrangement

Screenshot of Part A form selections

Part B. Employment Data

  1. Official full-time telework worksite address: Enter your full home address (or the place you’ll be working remotely from) here.
  2. Official worksite/duty statin is within the commuting area of agency worksite: No

Part C. Position Data

  1. Agency Worksite: 1800 F St. NW, Washington, DC, 20405

Screenshot of Parts B, C, and D of form selections

Part D. Documentation

  1. Employee has completed and supervisor has approved… : Yes
  2. The FT Telework Analysis Tool has been completed and approved: Yes
  3. Analysis Tool Approval Date: Enter your start date
  4. You may skip all the other fields in this section.

Employee Signature

  1. Employee Full-Time Telework Agreement Certification: Y (Note: Only put a Y here.)
  2. Save/Submit the form.

Screenshot of Employee Signature form section