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Performance Management Mid Year Review

This page contains important dates, links, and information for the mid year performance review cycle. Please see the Mid Year Performance Management HRLinks Steps page for guided instructions.

Mid year performance review important dates

Date Item
October 1, 2019 FY2020 performance cycle begins
March 27, 2020 Complete Draft of BU Level Specific Measures & Expectation Levels
April 3, 2020 Complete Draft of Duty Specific Measures & Expectation Levels
April 10, 2020 Finalize BU & Duty Specific Measures & Expectation Levels
April 27, 2020 OHRM Guidance on FY2020 Mid-year Review emailed to Supervisors and Employees
April 30, 2020 Finish updating Performance Plans in HR Links
May 18, 2020 Supervisor shares Midyear evaluation for employee review and acknowledgement
June 1, 2020 Mid-year Due Date FY2020. Supervisors and employees complete midyear in HRLINKs. Employees Acknowledge or Supervisor overrides.
Resource Use
Create a new performance plan We recommend creating a performance plan with the new TTS elements even if the employee has an existing FY20 plan
Clone a performance plan Once a performance plan has been created, it can be cloned for multiple employees
Update an existing performance plan For editing a new or existing FY20 plan
Add Leveraging Diversity Required metric for Supervisors in FY20 plan
Employee checklist Employee mid year performance management steps
Supervisor checklist Supervisor mid year performance management steps. The “Direct Report Name” tab can be duplicated for each of your employees to help track review progress
HR Links Submitting performance reviews
Fix HR Links Google Chrome Login Issue Instructions for clearing HR Links site cache

Union requirements for mid year performance reviews

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