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Government leaders are challenged to provide effective and efficient services using outdated technology, processes, and thinking. Government employees and the American public deserve better, and TTS has the expertise and experience to help federal agencies better serve their customers.

In 2019, TTS created the One TTS operating model to better align our services and solutions to a new TTS Strategy, identifying the areas of government technology most in need of transformation.

The Strategy outlines six areas with the greatest potential for transformational impact, aka our TTS Focus Areas. These are the areas where we should focus our time and talent to be uniquely positioned to drive the most change.

The Six Focus Areas are:

1. Experience (formerly Omnichannel)

2. Artificial Intelligence

3. Infrastructure Optimization & Cloud

4. Accelerators

5. Data & Analytics

6. Identity Management

The 2019 TTS Accomplishments Report (internal to TTS) highlighted a number of initiatives where teams across TTS are already making a difference in the federal technology landscape for our agency customers and the public.

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