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Performance Management Employee Resources

This page contains additional resources and trainings for employees who are going through the performance management process. Visit the Quick Links section of the Performance Management Overview page for the Performance Management Employee Checklist.

Employee resources

Employee performance management checklist



Gather supporting documentation

Supporting documentation that aligns with your Performance Management Plan is optional for the performance review process. Examples of supporting documentation include emails, written performance counseling, customer feedback, survey results, supervisory notes, database/spreadsheets, and/or work samples within the current rating cycle.

This information can be shared with your Supervisor during your 1:1 performance review conversation that will take place October 21 - November 7.

TTS performance rating tool

Use of this tool is optional but can be helpful in determining what your end-of-year rating may be once the performance review is complete. This tool can be used as a reference during your 1:1 performance review session with your supervisor. Note that your supervisor will make final rating determinations on all specific measures associated with your performance plan.


OLU Performance Management Program

Courses include, but is not limited to the following:

* Performance Management Overview – Refresher and introduction of the performance management program.
* Performance Planning Cascading Goals – Learn the importance of cascading goals to align with organizational performance to support organizational success.
* Performance Planning Establishing SMART Performance Plans – Learn the importance of writing measurable plans to support organizational outcomes.
* Self-Assessments – Learn to write an effective self-assessment to support the promotion of accomplishments.
* How to Manage Difficult Conversations – “Newly added” Learn to how to prepare and conduct conversations regarding poor performance.
* Recognizing and Diagnosing a Performance Problem – Learn the importance of recognizing and managing poor performance timely.
* Planning an Effective Appraisal - “Newly added” Learn to how to prepare and conduct an effective appraisal of performance.
* Awards – Learn about the available awards within GSA.

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