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End of Year Performance Management HRLinks Steps

This page contains step-by-step instructions for employees and supervisors on how to process and approve performance plans in HR Links for the end of year performance review cycle.

If you’re having issues with logging into HR Links while using Google Chrome, please use these instructions to clear your site cache.

Creating a new performance plan

In most cases, supervisors should own the creation of performance plans for direct reports. This step applies to employees who require a new performance plan such as new employees and existing employees who have recently changed roles.

Copying an existing performance plan

In most cases, supervisors should own the creation of performance plans for direct reports. This step applies to employees that will be on a performance plan that is consistent with their prior year.

Submitting a performance plan for employee approval

Acknowledging a performance plan

Re-opening a performance plan

If modifications need to be made to an existing performance plan, a plan can be re-opened by the Supervisor and resubmitted to the employee to acknowledge.

NOTE: 120 days must pass from the date the employee acknowledges the updated plan before they can be rated against it.

Entering a self-assessment

Nominating participant reviewer(s)

This process allows supervisors and employees to solicit feedback from other supervisors or colleagues regarding their Performance Plan. HR Links allows both employees and supervisors to nominate and track participant reviews; however, only supervisors can officially submit a nomination. If an employee nominates another employee for feedback on their performance, the nomination is submitted to the supervisor for approval.

Once nominated, participant reviewers receive a notification alerting them of the evaluation request. The employee’s supervisor is required to review and approve all feedback from participant reviews. NOTE: A participant reviewer will only be able to see the employee appraisal information that they provided.

Submitting a participant review

Submitting a participant review in HR Links is the same process for all nominated colleagues regardless of their reporting relationship to the employee. TTS Supervisors will have to review and approve all participant reviews for their direct reports in HR Links as part of the final employee evaluation submittal process.

Reviewing an employee self-assessment

Reviewing evaluations from participant reviewer(s)

Submitting an evaluation

Acknowledging an evaluation

Establishing a performance plan for the new fiscal year

Employees have the option to update duty specific measures and/or weights -with supervisor approval- when establishing their FY20 performance plans in HR Links:

Note: FY20 performance plans may be further modified in the first few months of the new fiscal year to account for any updates to TTS and/or Business Unit level specific measure that leadership determines necessary. If this takes place, performance plans will need to be updated and re-established so that employees can be rated against those updated performance plans.

Confirming that performance plans have been established

It is critical that all FY19 performance plan evaluations are acknowledged by employees before November 14 and all FY20 performance plans are acknowledged by employees before November 29. The status of employee performance management can be checked in the Team Performance Supervisor dashboard:

Selecting Time Off Award in lieu of cash performance award

For the FY19 performance review cycle, employees who would like a time off award in lieu of cash must select their award type preference in HR Links no later than November 14, 2019. If time-off is not indicated in HR Links, then the default will be a cash award. If you’ve selected a time off award in previous performance review cycles, this may still be active in HR Links; make sure to delete that selection if you would like to receive the cash individual performance reward instead.

Note: Award time off must be used within one year of issuance and does not get paid out (like annual leave) if you leave GSA.

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