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Performance Management Supervisor Resources

This page contains additional resources and trainings for supervisors who are going through the performance management process. Visit the Quick Links section of the Performance Management Overview page for the Performance Management Employee Checklist.

Supervisor resources

Supervisor performance management checklist



Discussing performance expectations with a new direct report

When an employee joins TTS or changes supervisors within TTS, it is important that the supervisor establish new performance expectations with the employee through dialogue and ultimately in the official performance plan. Performance expectations must be developed to describe the expected level of performance at a Level 3 rating; supervisors are encouraged to establish performance expectations for other levels if deemed appropriate.

Performance improvement plans

Performance not at Level 3 in any Critical Element needs to be addressed formally. While this can be issued at any time, an employee who will be rated at Level 1 or 2 in any category on their FY20 Performance Plan must be issued either a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for a Level 1 rating or a Performance Action Plan (PAP) for a Level 2 rating.

To initiate either plan, reach out to Jim Mulvaney, TTS’s Employee & Labor Relations Specialist. Jim will work directly with you to create the PIP/PAP for your team member; supporting documentation will need to be submitted to Jim for review when creating the PIP/PAP.

Verifying your direct reports

FY20 Audit: Once the TTS reorg has been completed, the Performance Management team will communicate to Supervisors to do a new audit of their Direct Reports in HR Links by following the instructions in the FY20 Direct Report Audit Survey.

In preparation for the FY20 End-of-Year Employee Performance Review Cycle, please conduct an audit of your Direct Reports in HR Links by following the instructions in the FY20 Direct Report Audit Survey.

All supervisors should complete the FY20 audit by COB September 24th, so please fill out the above survey if you have not yet.

1 on 1 performance discussion

This meeting is an opportunity to rate, recognize and give your direct report constructive feedback (formal or informal) regarding the results of their work within the established expectations, goals, and objectives outlined in the performance plan. If your direct report has filled out a performance rating tool, this meeting would be a good time to review it with them.

See below for how to prepare for this meeting.

Preparing for 1 on 1 performance discussion

Gather emails, written performance counseling, customer feedback, survey results, supervisory notes, database/spreadsheets, and/or work samples about the employee’s performance that you observed within the current rating cycle. Prepare feedback for your direct reports that’s backed with specific data points and examples, regardless of whether it will be constructive criticism or praise. When providing constructive criticism, it is recommended that you have clear examples of the desired behavior.

Here’s a pre-feedback checklist you may want to consider:

For instances when a direct report is not assigned to their first line supervisor in HR Links or their supervisor doesn’t have HR Links manager access, there are two primary options for the first line supervisor to be able to contribute to the evaluation:

  1. The first line supervisor should have a 1:1 performance discussion with their direct report and then email their evaluation to the second line supervisor who will submit the evaluation in HR Links on the first line supervisor’s behalf.
    • NOTE: If the employee has submitted a self-assessment in HR Links, the second line supervisor should email or print a copy for the first line supervisor to review prior to the 1:1 meeting.
  2. The second line supervisor can nominate the first line supervisor as a participant reviewer so that the first line supervisor can submit an evaluation for their direct report in HR Links after the 1:1 discussion.
    • NOTE: The nominated supervisor’s feedback is not automatically included as a comment in the employees performance review. HR Links creates a separate document, so it is recommended that the second line supervisor cuts and paste the feedback into the summary comments.

Approving/Denying a level 1 or level 5 summary performance rating

If an employee has received a Summary Rating of Level 1 or 5, the evaluation will automatically be routed to the employee’s 2nd level supervisor (the supervisor of the employee’s supervisor) for approval. To approve or deny a Summary Rating of Level 1 or 5, the employee’s 2nd Level Supervisor must follow the instructions below:

The only time a supervisor may want to cancel an evaluation is when an employee separates and evaluation cannot be completed or it’s not necessary. Only and HR Admin can cancel “submitted” evaluations. Please reach out to Jim Mulvaney to initiate this process.

A supervisor may need to approve an employee performance plan or employee evaluation on behalf of their employee if the employee is unable to (i.e. on vacation) or refuses to do so (i.e. does not agree with the evaluation).

Leveraging diversity performance measure

All FY20 supervisory performance plans must include a new “Leveraging Diversity” measure. For guidance on adding this to supervisory plans click here and/or attend a Supervisor’s Lounge session (see below).

Additional training

Supervisors’ Lounge Question and Answer Sessions

These sessions will feature a demo showing how to incorporate organizational measures into the performance plan. Both sessions will go over the same content, so Supervisors can attend either one. The links below lead to OLU where you can sign up for a session:

Thursday, October 3rd, 1-2pm EST

Thursday, October 31st, 1-2pm EST

Courses include, but is not limited to the following:

OLU Performance Management Program

Courses include, but is not limited to the following:

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