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Procurements Over $10,000

Buying something over $10,000 means that the Office of Acquisition (OA) needs to be involved in the process. A warranted Contracting Officer (CO) will help you through the process and get you what you need. This guide will get you started on how to work with OA and explain the steps you will take throughout the process.

Acquisition guide

1. Submit an Intake Form

2. Intro meeting

3. Define requirements/market research

4. Preparing the pre-award acquisition package

5. Posting the solicitation

6. Evaluations

7. Award prep

8. Award

Post award guide

CORs (Contracting Officer Representatives)

Contract modifications

Contractor Performance Assessment Report (CPARS)

Contract close out

After all work under a contract has been delivered, it is time to close out the contract. To initiate the contract closeout process, your CO will ask you for a final report of the services and/or products received and the contractor’s final invoice. The CO will also confirm with the OCFO that all payment has been made to the contractor. Generally, a contract will be considered complete after the CO receives this information and your CO prepares a contract completion statement. After your CO marks the contract closed in the contract writing system, the contract is officially closed and you are finished. On to the next!

Still have questions?

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