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Federal government websites often end in .gov or .mil. Before sharing sensitive information, make sure you’re on a federal government site.


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Purchase requests

Making a micropurchase

Please click the link below for specific instructions on how to request a micropurchase that fits your need:

Business cards

To make best use of our resources, we use business cards sparingly. However, if you expect to use them for outreach or a specific meeting with partners, you can request standard GSA business cards, which don’t reflect TTS or 18F branding.

To initiate your request,

  1. Head to Verify your email, then create an account for yourself. Use a password that you are comfortable sharing with a member of the TTS Ops team, as they will need to later log in as you and make the purchase.
  2. After your account is set up, fill in the required information, finalize the design of your cards, and review your proof. Continue to checkout, choosing the quantity you’d like and adding the address that you’d like your business cards mailed to.
  3. Once you are on the final step of the order and credit card information is requested, it’s time to request approval through the micropurchase request form. Your order will be reviewed by the TTS Director of Operations, and once approved, a member of the TTS Ops team will log into your Envision account and release payment. Your business cards will arrive 7-10 business days after that.

If you want TTS/18F branding, you must purchase your own business cards. However, please get a final approval from the TTS Outreach team before placing the order.


General information

Purchasing SSL/TLS/ECA certificates fall somewhere between a software request and a domain renewal request. There is no ATO required for SSL Certificates, however, FITARA approval is still required. To obtain SSL/ECA Certificates, you will need to submit the micropurchase request form and follow the instructions. Then, the Tech Portfolio and TTS OA Director will work with OCIO to get FITARA approval.

Domain renewals

Requesting a domain renewal is much easier than requesting software. The dotgov Billing Point of contact will reach out to the Technical Point of Contact about a month before the domain will expire asking them if they want the domain to be renewed. If the domain is to be renewed, the domain point of contact will be asked to submit the micropurchase request form. After you submit the form, follow the instructions for next steps.

Office supplies

  1. If you have access to a GSA office, check the supply rooms for what you need.
  2. If not available, fill out the micropurchase request form.
  3. The designated TTS Ops team member will determine whether or not to recommend your request for approval by the TTS Director of Operations.


Examples of services TTS has procured:

  • Engineering support
  • Design services
  • 3PAO service

Please follow the recommended steps below when ordering services under $10,000:

  1. For all requests, submit the micropurchase request form to initiate the request process. It will instruct you on next steps.
  2. You will need to make a copy of this RFQ template, fill it out, and attach the link to the micropurchase request form.
  3. After you submit the form, the TTS Micro-Purchase Project Manger and the OA Director will review the RFQ. Please be ready to address any questions, comments, or feedback at your earliest convenience.
  4. After the RFQ is approved by the OA Director, you will send it to the appropriate vendor(s) and cc the TTS Micro-Purchase PM. When sending the RFQ to vendor(s), keep in mind:
    • If they’ve been government employees who worked in TTS within the past two years, we can’t hire them.
    • Spread the wealth - this is not a formal rule or policy, but you don’t want to go back to the same person for every purchase, because that raises flags.
    • Make sure the vendor can accept payment via government purchase card (aka credit card) - this seems easy but isn’t always the case.
  5. Receive a quote from the vendor. When reviewing the quote, please keep in mind:
    • The requirement cannot exceed the micro-purchase threshold for the same service within a twelve-month period.
    • You can’t pay for similar services from both vendor A and B if the scope is the same and the combined cost exceeds the micro-purchase threshold within a twelve-month period. This is considered splitting purchases.
    • You need to avoid scope creep (adding extra work to the original agreement) that would go over the threshold.
    • If you need any assistance with negotiations, please contact the TTS Micro-Purchase PM and the OA Director.
  6. Once the quote is received, the Micropurchase PM and OA Director will review the quote and ask for more quotes, clarifications, or proceed with the purchase.