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You can get started with a trial version immediately. Upgrade to the full version whenever you get the license. Visit #sketch on Slack for help and sharing tips.

Getting a license

Send an email to with:

Note Sketch is registered to the machine, so this needs to be done if you get a new one.

For admins

Once you get the email above:

  1. Request an access code for
  2. You should get an email from Sketch. Click through to log into the License Manager.
  3. Add to the user list. Delete their old one, if it’s in there.
  4. Use the last 7 numbers/letters to locate their Sketch number in the console.



One thing that’s different about using Sketch at GSA is that Sketch plugins are not impossible to obtain, but might be more time-consuming than time-saving. Each Sketch plugin is treated like a new software request, and must undergo review by GSA IT review. So far, we haven’t found much that we can’t accomplish without plugins.