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Everyone at 18F is a strategist. It’s in our motto: delivery is the strategy. Each of us has subject matter expertise and a unique perspective on how to apply that knowledge to each problem we take on. How we apply that expertise and what we should ultimately deliver, though, isn’t always clear — it can get lost in a fog of bureaucracy, history, approvals, and politics.

The Strategy chapter can help when the path forward is unclear. We create well-defined environments for delivery where they don’t exist. Our primary focus is to shape the way 18F and our partners approach situations that demand carefully managed responses. We ensure that strategy is embedded throughout product development, and that every member of 18F has confidence in the strategic work they do.


Our partners face a range of challenges that hamper their ability to serve the public. In response, we counsel stakeholders across a given organization, helping them hone their vision, examine their culture, discover new talent, and experiment with novel solutions. We coordinate across each agency to ensure their teams, services, and policies are aligned for success. In short, we create the space for new products and practices to thrive.

How we can help

Every project faces financial, bureaucratic, and organizational obstacles. As Strategists, we help navigate these challenges and remain focused on their service and mission.

About Us

The folks on our team hail from varied backgrounds — law, engineering, visual design, user experience, service design, systems thinking, data science, acquisitions, policy, DevOps, research, facilitation, and product management among them. While we’re not united by a common skillset, we all share a deep passion for solving the complex, systemic challenges that prevent our partner agencies from reaching their goals.