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TTS Telework Guidance

A core belief of TTS is, “Work is what we do, not where we are.” The goal of this TTS telework guidance is not to recreate or augment GSA policy but to answer the top telework questions and provide clarity around how often TTS employees can telework.

Terms to Know

You can find more information on schedule types on GSA Insite.

Telework Schedule Types

If you work a flexible schedule you:

If you work a compressed schedule (AWS) you:

If you work a full-time telework schedule (often called virtual or remote) you:

The process for current TTS employees moving from a part-time to a full-time teleworker can take some time and is not guaranteed. If you want to relocate, you are encouraged to have final confirmation of your full-time telework agreement before you move.

The talent team can help coordinate verification of full-time telework status change. Please note that some position descriptions, for example Administrative Support Specialists, must report to an office and cannot be full-time teleworkers.

Telework Training

You must successfully complete the following required GSA Online University (OLU) courses before beginning and to continue teleworking:

Telework Considerations

Is there a difference between full-time telework, virtual or remote employees?

No. If your home is your official worksite or you are not scheduled to report to your official GSA worksite at least twice per pay period, you are considered a full-time teleworker.

Can an employee have full-time telework agreement even if they live near a TTS physical worksite?

Yes, your proximity to a GSA location isn’t a factor in determining your official worksite. The type of work you perform is a major factor in whether you need to physically be in a GSA office or not. You should discuss this with your supervisor, as your work assignments may change over time.

What should be considered when deciding to ask for a full-time telework agreement?

Employees and supervisors must discuss pros and cons of becoming a full-time teleworker, as not all positions are suited for full-time telework.

Additional considerations before pursuing a full-time telework agreement:

Still have questions?

Please ping: Talent or send an email to