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Appendix B - After-hours emergency travel authorizations

TTS Travel 101
Travel Guide Table of Contents
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If the need to travel arises after-hours, or if you forgot to stamp and submit so your authorization was never approved, you may still be able to get your travel arrangements approved if your authorizing official is available to sign your completed GSA form 87. You will need to call AdTrav at 877-472-6716 to make all arrangements and later submitted the signed GSA form 87 to

Except where noted here, all fields will need to be correctly filled out:

  • Box 1: Authorization number: this will be generated in Concur 30-60 minutes after booking your flight with AdTrav and will show up in your list of trips in the Authorization tab.
  • Box 2-3: Your name and title
  • Box 4: Pegasys vendor code: not required
  • Box 5: Your home address
  • Box 6A: Your division within TTS (18F, OPP, etc.)
  • Box 6B: Look this up here
  • Boxes 7-8: Your regular work location and contact number.
  • Box 9: Usually “Original”, unless you are modifying an existing reservation and the flight won’t ticket unless pre-approved.
  • Box 10: N/A
  • Boxes 11-12: Whichever purpose and description best describe your travel.
  • Box 13: Select all that apply.
  • Box 14: You can use the Travel Expenses Estimator to get the maximum lodging and M&IE rates per day (columns c and d). Total in column e is the sum total of lodging and M&IE, which should be equal to “Total per diem cost” in estimator sheet. Column f can be left blank unless you are claiming lodging or M&IE expenses that exceed the maximum.
  • Boxes 15-19: Check “Yes” or “No” according to your mission requirements and justify if your response prompts justification in item 22.
  • Box 20: Fill in the costs as per the estimator or the authorization document in Concur, whichever most accurately reflects your estimated expenses.
  • Box 21: Required only if requesting a travel advance.
  • Box 22: Include any justification required earlier in the form, as well as any additional details requested by your approving official.
  • Box 23: You can look up the appropriate accounting code for your team here.
  • Box 24: You and your authorizing official will both need to sign and date the completed form before sending it to for ticketing.