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This page serves as a central listing for:

  • TTS Internal competitions (e.g. directors, supervisors) and developmental opportunities (e.g. details, leads) within TTS
  • Hiring actions using the Excepted Service version of the Merit Promotion Process
  • Links to USAJobs Announcements for hiring actions using the Competitive Service (Career) Merit Promotion Process
  • Links to Excepted Service job announcements posted on the TTS Join site
  • Links to external technology career opportunities with federal, state, and local government agencies

If you’d like to be notified when new opportunities are listed on this page, please join the #tts-jobs (for TTS opportunities) and #wg-govcareer (for opportunities with other federal agencies) slack channels.

If you know an awesome person for a TTS role or just know a great person that you’d like to recommend in general, please check out the referring a person process.



Internal only opportunities

Opportunities with partners

United States Digital Service (USDS)

For any TTS staff interested in learning what it’s like to transition from TTS to USDS or just what it’s like to work at USDS in general, a few of the TTS alums have offered to make themselves available for some informational discussions. If you’re interested in learning more, simply fill out this USDS Informational Meeting Request form and someone from USDS will reach out to get something set up.

Be sure to stay informed of current job postings relevant to technology transformation in TTS and with other agencies by joining the #TTS-jobs slack channel. If you want to be notifed about opportunities with other federal agencies please join the and #wg-govcareer slack channels. We encourage TTS staff to post external federal career opportunities on the #wg-govcareer slack channel se channels to help others be aware of permanent, career opportunities. TTS staff can post opportunities advertised by our federal partners to help them attract the engineering, product management, leadership talent they may require to further facilitate their technical transformation.

Various Federal Agencies

Still have questions?

Have questions about an announcement listed? Please reach out to the Hiring PoC listed on the announcement General questions Please reach out to TTS Talent via #tts-jobs or email for information regarding hiring.