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VMWare Horizon

VMWare Horizon is being replaced by Citrix VDI. See instructions for using Citrix.

VMware Horizon is a Windows virtual desktop client that can be used to connect to GSA’s intranet, or test something in Internet Explorer.


New employees should have a GSA VMware myView/Horizon account, but if not:

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your ENT username and password.
  3. Click Order Something.
  4. Click Horizon(VDI).
  5. Complete the required fields.
  6. Click Add to Cart.
  7. Click Checkout.

Logging into VMWare Horizon

  1. Click on the VMware Horizon icon (on your desktop)
  2. Enter for server
  3. Use ENT info for initial VMware Horizon login-in screen
  4. Go to and enter your ENT info to get the Tokencode
    • You can also obtain a Tokencode by installing SecureAuth OTP on your phone, as described in the Get a one-time password? handbook section
  5. Enter the Tokencode back into VMware Horizon login-in screen


See the InSite page. Note that you may need to follow the “Personal Mac” instructions.


Horizon is the easiest way to use software that’s available for Windows but not Mac. If the software you need isn’t already pre-installed, you can request installation by opening a Software request with the GSA IT Service Desk. Make sure to note that you are requesting installation in VDI, not your laptop.


Still have questions?

Ask in Slack: #it-issues or #distributed