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Accessing DoD Systems


For TTS staff working on an engagement with a Department of Defense (DoD) or Intelligence Community (IC) partner, you will likely need to complete a System Authorization Access Request (SAAR) form to gain access to the partner’s network and systems.

This form will need to be e-signed by both you and your supervisor using either a DOD CAC (preferred), PIV provided by GSA, or as a last resort with Docusign, but you will need to ensure fields #21 and #22 remain editable for DOD to edit by assigning someone to update the fields.

Steps for completing a SAAR Form

You will indicate on this form the date when you your completed annual cybersecurity training. Since the form is not specific, you should indicate the date of your most recent GSA cybersecurity training.

If you are asked to take DoD cybersecurity training, you can access the DoD training at no cost here. Note - The training module claims that the course can be done in about 75 minutes.

When filling out the specific fields on the SAAR form:

Questions / Problems

If you run into issues getting your SAAR form approved, please contact your Account Manager, or the National Security & Intelligence Portfolio manager. You can also post questions about this process to the #portfolio-nat-security channel in Slack.