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This section provides a brief overview of the types of hiring actions along with any related process information.

If you’d like to see a list of all the open hiring actions across TTS, please visit the TTSJobs handbook page

To learn about the different hiring authorities we use please visit our hiring authorities page.

Types of hiring actions at TTS

Competitive (Career) and Excepted Service hiring actions via the Merit Promotion Process

For more information on hiring via the Competitive Service (Career) Merit Promotion Process or the Excepted Service version of the Merit Promotion Process, please visit the Promotions page of the handbook.

Excepted Service or Competitive Service Hiring Actions filled via open and public competition

These actions are the most common type of actions across TTS. Information about the process related to these actions can be found in the guide to the Talent Acquisition Work System

TTS internal competitions and developmental opportunities

The following explains the process for initiating TTS internal competitions and developmental opportunities (e.g. details, leads).

For detailed information specific to initiating an internal or external detail, please review the details page of the handbook.

Please note:

The hiring action owner is responsible for developing job materials and interacting with applicants (employees). Talent will assist with the following:

Internal Hiring Actions - Best Practices & Recommendations

Job prep

Use the following templates to prepare the posting (make sure to make a copy of each template):

Once the TTSJobs Announcement is ready, Talent will:


In addition to the information within the templates, the hiring manager will need to manage the following:

The hiring team is responsible for confirming that applicants meet the qualifications outlined in the posting (i.e. GS level, required experience). For HR to move forward with a selection, the applicant must meet the following qualifications:


When the team has determined who they would like to place in the role, they must:

It is the responsibility of the HM provide applications with the applicable feedback, whether that is letting the applicant know they are moving forward in the process, that they have been selected or that they have been rejected (including providing feedback why if applicable). Talent will not notify nor offer feedback to applicants.

If you are advertising a detail: the action can only be submitted for a time period of no more than 120 days. The detail can then be extended for another 120 days If the HM and the employee’s supervisor agree to extend.

TTS Hiring - Prioritization process

For an overview of the way in which hiring actions are collected, prioritized and managed read our TTS Hiring - Prioritization Process

Still have questions?

General questions Please reach out to TTS Talent via #tts-jobs or email for information regarding hiring.