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This page contains links to all TTS hiring resources.

TTS Open Positions

The [TTSJobs Handbook page](/ttsjobs) lists all open hiring actions across TTS.

TTS Hiring Managers Guide

Hiring managers lead the hiring process for a specific role. They are crucial to filling workforce needs within TTS and ensuring that diversity, equity, and inclusion are top of mind throughout the hiring process.

The , external,TTS-only, Hiring Manager Guide contains information from the Talent team as well as tips and best practices from seasoned TTS hiring managers. The Guide helps a Hiring Manager navigate through the Hiring Process laid out below.

TTS Interviewers

Interviewers play a fundamental role in vetting incoming talent, as well as creating a positive experience for our candidates. Moreover, they are critical in ensuring a fair and equitable hiring experience.

Below are some resources that cover expectations around interviews, best practices for remote interviewing and Slack usage, and tips for recognizing and correcting for unconscious bias.


"Promotions" in the traditional, private sector sense do not exist within the federal government. The [Promotions Handbook page](/promotions) explains Merit Promotions for both Competitive Service (Career) and Excepted Service positions.

TTS Hiring Process

The pages below cover the entire spectrum of hiring activities, from role prioritization through onboarding.

Identifying a Hiring Need

Hiring managers work with the head of their Business Unit to determine if a position or vacancy needs to be filled. Review the , external,TTS-only, hiring needs section of the Hiring Manager Guide to learn more.

Role Prioritization

Once a need has been identified, it enters Talent’s work queue. For an overview of how hiring actions are prioritized and managed across TTS, read the , external,TTS-only, Prioritization Process document.

Hiring Authorities

Once a need has been identified and the role has been prioritized, TTS uses many [hiring authorities](/hiring-authorities) available within the federal government.

Internal Hiring and Details

All [internal opportunities](/assignee-detail) within TTS, including details, must be openly shared and competed. [Details within GSA](/gsa-details) and [details with other agencies](/external-details) require additional considerations.

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