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Looking at details for professional growth

A detail is a temporary assignment from one position within the federal government to another, with the expectation that you will return to your official position upon completion.

A detail can be a great way to develop and grow your skills while expanding your professional network. It can also be a way to learn more about a different area of government without permanently switching jobs. Generally, details are from 30 - 120 days, though some may be extended on a case-by-case basis.

Detail opportunities can be found through formal channels or can be crafted by leveraging professional relationships. This , external,TTS-only, spreadsheet includes the names of employees across TTS who have gone on detail.

Within GSA, the , external,TTS-only, GSA Opportunity Network is where details within various parts of the agency are posted; outside of GSA, , external,Open Opportunities lists small tasks, projects and details across the federal government.

Details can also be formed through personal interest and networking. The TTS #alumni Slack channel is an available resource: many alumni have gone on to other federal agencies.

There is no one way to craft a detail opportunity. However, it may be helpful to think through the following:

  • In what areas do you want to get more on-the-job training?
  • In what agencies or parts of government can you receive that training?
  • How can your and TTS’s networks be leveraged to connect with individuals at that organization?
  • Does the receiving organization have a business need? What value will you bring to their organization?
  • How would a detail with the organization align to your professional growth plan?
  • How would it benefit TTS/GSA?
  • Would the detail be reimbursable (the other agency pays your salary) or non-reimbursable?
  • Who could backfill your duties while you’re on detail?


There is paperwork and approvals needed in order to go on detail. There are Handbook pages for the 3 most common scenarios:

GSA also has a policy on Details to the Legislative Branch.

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