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Internal hiring and internal TTS details

All opportunities within TTS, including details and reassignments, should be openly shared and competed within the organization. There is a , external,TTS-only, TTS Internal Hiring request process for pursuing any type of internal hiring request (open application process or not). Please submit a request through the , external,TTS Internal Hiring Request form even if you’re not completely sure how to best proceed.

Although internal hiring actions are processed quicker than external hiring actions, internal actions still require need, effort and intentionality.

What is internal hiring?

Internal hiring is done for two types of hiring processes: reassignment (transferring from one part of TTS or GSA to another part of TTS) and details.

A reassignment is a lateral transfer to a new TTS office at the same GS level.

A detail is a temporary assignment to a different position or a different organization/business unit. Details last up to 120 days and can be extended up to another 120 days (not to exceed 240 days total), provided that:

  • The detailee, their temporary supervisor, and the employee’s permanent supervisor all agree.
  • The employee is detailed at the same GS level they currently occupy. If the detailee has gone up in GS level (called a temporary promotion), their detail must end at 120 days, due to federal policy and bargaining unit (union) contracts around temporary promotions.

Internal role approval process

Hiring Managers must receive advanced approval from their Supervisor and Business Unit Head and also confirm funding availability before proceeding with a , external,TTS Internal Hiring Request.

Submissions are reviewed every Monday morning at 1pm ET by the Internal Hiring Review Committee, which includes members of Leadership, Finance, Talent, and PeopleOps.

Internal posting process

To post an internal application, the hiring manager will go through the following steps:

  1. Job prep
  2. Job posting
  3. Interviews
  4. Selection
  5. Supervisor approval
  6. Paperwork processing
  7. Notification of candidates/Providing feedback

Detailed information for each of these steps can be found in the , external,TTS-only, Internal Hiring checklist.

Job posting

Once the posting is ready to go live, it will shared in , external,TTS-only, #tts-jobs on Slack. It will also be included in the weekly job announcements email that is sent out to TTS (usually on Tuesday's).


All candidates receive a copy of the interview questions prior to their interview. Sharing questions in advance helps to create a better and more informed interview experience. This is one way we build a fair, equitable, and transparent hiring process.

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