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Internal Hiring and Internal TTS Details

All opportunities within TTS, including details, must be openly shared and competed within the organization. Although internal hiring processes are shorter than external hiring, internal actions still require need, effort and intentionality. We recommend Hiring Managers read this Handbook page in its entirety before working on their internal posting, as it contains important information about approvals.

Identifying an Internal Hiring Need

Hiring Managers work with the head of their Business Unit to determine if a vacancy needs to be filled. Review the hiring needs section of the Hiring Manager Guide to learn more.

Internal hiring is done for three types of hiring processes: reassignment (transferring from one part of TTS to another), Excepted Service Merit Promotions, and details.

A reassignment is a lateral transfer to a new TTS office at the same GS level.

An Excepted Service Merit Promotion is a permanent assignment to a new position description at a higher GS level. Review the Merit Promotion Handbook page for more information.

A detail is a temporary assignment to a different position. Details last up to 120 days and can be extended up to another 120 days (NTE 240 days total), provided that:

  • The detailee, the TTS supervisor, the Business Unit Director, and the Assistant Commissioner agree, as well as the employee’s permanent supervisor.
  • The employee is detailed at the same GS level they currently occupy. If the detailee has gone up in GS level, their detail must end at 120 days, due to federal policy and bargaining unit (union) contracts around temporary promotions.

Internal Role Prioritization

Internal roles do not need to be prioritized through Talent’s formal prioritization process. However, the head of a Business Unit needs to approve the internal opportunity and add it to Talent’s Hiring Actions and Prioritization tracking spreadsheet. This ensures that Talent can track which actions have been approved.

Internal Job prep

Internal postings are created using the following templates:

Posting an Internal Role

When the templates are ready for review, the Hiring Manager sends and email with the announcement, the application form, and interview guide to Talent at A Talent team member will review with 48 hours and may possibly suggest edits. Once materials have been approved by Talent, they will add the posting to #tts-jobs on Slack and the TTSJobs handbook page.

Internal Interviews

Hiring Managers select an interview panel and schedule interviews, the same as would happen for an external hire. All candidates must receive a copy of the interview questions prior to their interview. Best practices are available in the Hiring Manager Guide.

Internal reference checks are optional. Refer to the Reference Check template for guidance.

Hiring Managers are responsible for completing the Internal Candidate Pool template; this documents who was interviewed, and a few sentences about why each candidate was/was not selected. Upon completion of this document, please email it to or ping @AmandaSchonfeld on slack with the link.

For HR to approve a candidate, they must meet the following qualifications:

  • Be on their current position description for at least 90 days
  • Be at the same GS level as the PD or have at least one year of specialized experience at the next grade below.
  • If an applicant is changing GS levels or if they will be moving to a different PD, they will need to provide an updated resume.

    • Applicants for supervisory roles must demonstrate past people management experience in their resume. This can include team lead experience, supervisory experience, or other types of people leadership.

Please double-check with candidates before you interview them that they meet the three qualifications listed above.

Internal Approval for Details

This paragraph is for internal detail opportunities only. When the Hiring Manager is ready to select a detailee, they need to have a discussion with the employee’s current supervisor about the following:

  • If the current supervisor will allow their employee to leave the team. Supervisors are not obligated to say yes.
  • If yes, what the desired detail start date will be. The start date must be the first day of a payroll period.

    • The selected candidate may be on a project and have to finish out or reassign their work. Hiring Managers should not assume a start date is feasible until they’ve reached an agreement with the current supervisor.
    • Current supervisors make the final decision about when an employee can start with their new team. The Hiring Manager forwards the supervisor’s approval to Talent at

Internal Final Qualification

The Hiring Manager needs to provide the selected candidate’s resume to TTS Talent for reassigments or to PeopleOps for details. Talent or PeopleOops will work with GSA HR to confirm that the selected candidate meets the qualifications outlined in the posting (i.e. GS level, required experience in the PD), based on their resume. Hiring managers and current supervisors should not announce any selection information until HR has given final approval. The hiring manager will be notified of approval from Talent or PeopleOps.

Notifying TTS People Operations for Detail Opportunities

Once Talent or PeopleOps has confirmed HR approval, email and Finance with the following information for detail opportunities:

  • Employee Name
  • Office Symbol the employee is being detailed or transferred to.
  • For details: if it is a reimbursable or non-reimbursable detail (i.e. who is paying the detailee’s salary)
  • The name of the new supervisor
  • The Position Description number. If it is a detail without a PD, use “Detail to Unclassified Duties” and provide a list of duties that the selected employee will be expected to perform.
  • Effective date and length of the detail (for example: 120 days)

Notifying TTS Talent for Permanent Reassignment

Once Talent or PeopleOps has confirmed HR approval, email with the following information for permanent reassignment opportunities:

  • Employee Name
  • The name of the new supervisor (if applicable)
  • The Position Description number for the new reassignment.
  • Link to the copleted Internal Candidate Pool spreadsheet
  • Effective date for reassignment (Note, this has to take place on a pay period)

Notifying Internal Candidates

It is the Hiring Manager’s duty and responsibility to provide applicants with feedback, letting the applicant know if they have been selected or that they were not selected. Hiring Managers should offer feedback to every candidate. Talent will neither notify nor offer feedback to applicants.