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Individual Development Plan

An Individual Development Plan (IDPs) is a tool created in Online University (OLU) to help GSA employees enhance their professional skills so that they can better meet the evolving challenges of their job.

IDP Resources

Site Description
Online University (OLU) Site where IDPs are created
IDP OLU Guide Step-by-step guide for creating and accessing IDPs in Salesforce
IDP Overview Provides info on common goals for IDPs and why they are important
IDP Employee Tool Kit Provides video guides for entering IDPs
IDP Supervisor Tool Kit Provides video guides for approving IDPs
IDP OLU Training OLU course on how to develop and manage an IDP

Common goals of an IDP

  • Learn new skills and competencies to improve current job performance
  • Maximize current performance in support of organizational requirements
  • Assist employees in reaching career development goals.
  • Increase interest, challenge, and satisfaction in current position
  • Obtain knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for a change in grade, series, or fields

IDPs and conference, event, and training requests

An IDP is no longer required for requests, but an SF-182 is required for most conference, event, and training requests that have a cost.

For more information on the SF-182 process, head over to the Conferences, events, and training handbook page.

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