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Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

This page provides instructions for enrolling in, donating, and receiving leave from the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP).

Under the VLTP, you may donate annual leave directly to another employee who has a personal or family medical emergency and who has exhausted their available paid leave.

Eligibility for VLTP

To be eligible for VLTP, you must have exhausted all leave balances (annual, sick, award) and have an anticipated negative balance of at least 24 leave hours.


A) You have experienced a medical emergency.


B) A medical condition - yours or a family member’s - is likely to require your absence for a prolonged period of time (24 work hours or more).

Donating leave

If you wish to donate leave, you will need to use to access the VLTP system.

Registering with

If your GSA email address is not registered with, you will need to register , external,via the homepage prior to accessing the VLTP website.

Select the Register Now button at the top right of that homepage and follow the prompts to register your PIV card and enable login (or use the email option).

Donating hours through VLTP

  • Go to and log in using your PIV card or GSA email with 2-factor authentication
  • You will be taken to the GSA Payroll System VLTP page
  • Click the button on the bottom to Donate Annual Leave Hours To A Shared Leave Recipient
  • Follow the system prompts to donate leave; select General Services Administration as the agency and 0 - Central Office as the region.
  • Note: once you donate, you will see a message that says You MUST also notify your timekeeper of the number of annual leave hours you have donated so they can update your Annual Attendance Record (GSA Form 873). You can ignore this message: this step is not needed.

If you have any questions, please email our , external,TTS-only, Workforce Relations HR Specialist.

Enrolling in VLTP to receive donated hours

  1. Complete your portion of the VLTP application, , external,OPM Form 630. You'll need to fill out Sections 1 -11, 14, 16a and 16b. Your supervisor can help you fill out the form, if needed.

  2. Gather supporting medical documentation. The medical documentation must include the following:

    • Nature of medical emergency
    • Prognosis of the medical condition
    • Duration of the medical condition
    • The medical documentation must be signed by your physician or other practitioner.
  3. Send Form 630 and supporting documentation to your supervisor.

  4. Your supervisor completes their portion of Form 630. They need to fill out Sections 12, 13, and 17.

  5. Your supervisor emails Form 630 and the supporting medication documentation to our , external,TTS-only, Workforce Relations HR Specialist.

  6. Our , external,TTS-only, Workforce Relations HR Specialist will review the application, and notify you and your supervisor if your request is approved (within 10 business days). They will provide you with a reason if the request is not approved, and what, if anything, can be done to resubmit.

  7. Your supervisor follows the announcement guidance below to send out an email TTS-wide.

VLTP Announcement Guidance

Once VLTP is approved, your supervisor can use the , external,TTS-only, VLTP email template to draft an announcement.

Using Donated Hours

Donated leave won’t necessarily come in all at once. You will bank donated leave as it’s donated; so you and your supervisor will want to touch base as it’s coming in.

  • You can check how many donated hours you’ve received in HRLinks (same as how you would see annual and sick leave balances). It will also appear on your paystub in Employee Express.
  • You can make adjustments to leave requests in HRLinks once you receive VLTP donations. Donated hours can retroactively be substituted for LWOP, advanced annual leave and advanced sick leave. Work with your supervisor or PeopleOps to amend past timesheets.
  • If you return to work part-time while still using donated leave, you’ll resume earning annual leave and sick leave. As you earn hours, you must use those newly accrued hours first, before any donated leave.

Un-enrolling from VLTP

When your medical emergency is over:

  1. Notify your supervisor of the date when your emergency ends (or the date you want to be removed from the VLTP program, if you wish to withdraw before the end of your emergency).
  2. Check your leave balances in TTS-only, HRLinks to make sure that your annual and/or sick leave balances are not negative. If a leave balance is negative, work with #people-ops to amend old time cards with donated leave hours. All unused VLTP hours will be returned to the colleagues that donated to you.
  3. Once you’ve finished amending timecards, your supervisor notifies our , external,TTS-only, Workforce Relations HR Specialist.
  4. Our , external,TTS-only, Workforce Relations HR Specialist will work with Payroll to remove you from the VLTP program.


GSA Standard Operating Procedure

OPM Fact Sheet

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