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Voluntary Leave Transfer Program

This page provides instructions for enrolling in and donating to the Voluntary Leave Transfer Program (VLTP). Please reference the OPM VLTP page for more information.

Under the VLTP, an employee may donate annual leave directly to another employee who has a personal or family medical emergency and who has exhausted their available paid leave.

Enrolling in VLTP to receive donated hours

  1. Employee requesting donated hours completes the VLTP application OPM Form 630 and emails it to their immediate supervisor along with supporting medical documentation (i.e. doctor’s note)
  • Immediate supervisor or authorized representative can fill out the form on behalf of the employee
  • NOTE: Form can only be saved by clicking the “Save Form” button at the bottom of the PDF
  1. The immediate supervisor reviews the applicant’s OPM Form 630, completes sections 12, 13 & 17 of the form and submits the Form 630 and supporting documentation to the FAS NCR/CO Leave Transfer Program Administrator
  • If eligibility is not met, the OPM Form 630 is returned to the applicant within 10 work days with a statement of why the requirements have not been met
  1. If the VLTP application has been approved, the VLTP Administrator notifies the applicant and returns a copy of the approved Form 630
  2. Supervisor follows the announcement guidance below to send out an email TTS-wide on behalf of the employee

VLTP Announcement Guidance

  • Once VLTP is approved, the VLTP Program Administrator will email the Supervisor guidance on what can be communicated out to TTS
  • TTS Supervisor can send one initial email TTS-wide to
    • Supervisor and employee should not send follow-up emails
  • A quarterly email with all currently enrolled TTS employees in the VLTP program will be emailed TTS-wide by TTS PeopleOps

How to donate hours

The VLTP User Guide has instructions for setting up a account to access the VLTP donation site and instructions for donating leave.

Unenrolling from VLTP

When the medical emergency is over, the employee should remove themself from the VLTP program by following these steps:

  1. Check leave balance in HR Links to make sure that annual and/or sick leave balance isn’t negative
  • If a leave balance is negative, work with #people-ops to amend old time cards with donated leave hours
  1. Employee emails the FAS NCR/CO Leave Transfer Program Administrator to inform them to remove employee from the program
  2. All unused VLTP hours will be returned to the individuals that donated to the employee