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Logging in & Networks

This content provides best practices for logging into your various government accounts and apps.

ENT (enterprise) login

This is your account for signing into systems administered by GSA, including your email, calendar, and Google Drive. Your ENT account name is in the form FirstnameMiddleinitialLastname (Ex: JohnASmith). For guidance on secure passwords, reference this page.

When you login with ENT while not connected to a GSA wireless network, you will be prompted to select “This is a public computer” or “This is a private computer” (see image below). You should always select “This is a private computer” unless you are logging in on a computer that’s not your government computer or a computer that you personally own (Ex: a library computer).

Ent login screen

Changing your ENT password

You must change your ENT password immediately after you start with GSA and every 90 days thereafter. This is your password for signing into systems administered by GSA, including your email, calendar, and Google Drive. Go to to change your password.

Locking and unlocking your workstation when you are connected to the network in the office or via VPN remotely is a required step to ensure the new ENT password is cached properly.

Detailed ENT password reset instructions can be found at ServiceNow KB0022142.

Change or reset your Macbook login password

Users with expiring local passwords (not ENT passwords) will be prompted to change their password and must follow security requirements. Users may see the following prompt if their password is due to expire within 14 days. I

You can change the password that you use to log into your Mac or reset the password by following ServiceNow KB0024344.

Users must follow security requirements:

  1. Password must be changed every 90 days (password aging);
  2. User’s last 24 passwords may not be reused (password history); and
  3. Password changed whenever password is forgotten or compromised, regardless of age.
  4. Passwords must be 16 characters

Logging into apps with your GSA Google account

Some applications can be logged into using your GSA Google account. Just make sure that you don’t grant Google access to anything beyond basic data; “Basic Info” or “Limited Access to Data and Files” are both approved options that are considered basic data. Any integration beyond basic requires a GSA IT Help Desk ticket, you can also start a ticket by emailing

You can check your account permissions here.

Citrix (virtual desktop client) login


Cisco AnyConnect login

AnyConnect is utilized as a GSA VPN client so that you can use a variety of systems that require a VPN directly from your local computer. Go here for more information on configuring this tool.

Connecting to GSA networks

To learn how to connect to the GSA network on campus and remotely, take a look at the GSA Network Connection Guide

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