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Career Progression Framework

A Career Progression Framework (CPF) defines the job duties and knowledge, skills, and abilities needed for each type of role in an organization, at each seniority level.

TTS develops CPFs in order to support:

  • Career development and planning: As an employee, what do I need to do if I want to advance or change roles?
  • Equity: Are our expectations consistent?
  • Onboarding: What will I do? What do others on my team do? In TTS?
  • Performance plans: What will I be measured on?
  • Reuse: Where can I find written information about a role, that I can adapt for recruitment and interview materials, etc?

Each CPF has two parts:

  • A cover sheet that describes the general type of role and where it is found in TTS.
  • Position summaries, which provide detailed information about a role at each level of seniority that exists in TTS.

CPFs are created and maintained by TTS supervisors. The TTS People Ops team leads the project.


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