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Performance Management Important Dates

This page contains important dates for the mid year and end of year performance review cycles.

Mid year performance review important dates

Date Item
October 1, 2020 FY21 performance cycle begins
April 8, 2021 OHRM Guidance on FY21 Mid-year Review emailed to Supervisors and Employees
April 30, 2021 All F21 Performance Plans should be acknowledged in HR Links
May 10-28, 2021 Supervisor schedules the 1:1 performance conversation with their direct reports
May 28, 2021 Supervisor signs & submits mid-year evaluation in HR Links for direct reports to review and acknowledge
June 1, 2021 Mid-year Due Date for FY21: Supervisor overrides mid-year review if employee is unable to acknowledge
June 4, 2021 Complete supervisor/employee performance management feedback survey

End of year performance review important dates

Date Item
September 30, 2021 End of FY21 performance cycle
October 1, 2021 Internal ask for employees to begin their self-assessment
October 22, 2021 Self-assessment submittal due date
October 23, 2021 Audit of Employee self-assessment completion
Oct 25 - Nov 5, 2021 Supervisors hold 1:1 performance review meetings with their direct reports
November 8, 2021 TTS Internal ask due date to close out FY21 performance plans if not completed during 1:1s
November 15, 2021 Official GSA end of year close out due date for FY21 performance plans in HR Links
December 10, 2021 FY21 Performance Awards will be issued (Budget permitting)