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Development and training

There are many development and training opportunities within GSA that are available to TTS employees.

Supervisors are responsible for guiding their employees to developmental opportunities while individuals are responsible for taking the initiative to support their own development. There are resources , external,TTS-only, for supervisors and , external,TTS-only, for employees that provide tips for how to recognize and seek ongoing growth opportunities.

In the Office of Human Resources Management (OHRM), GSA's Talent Development Division offers a number of different training, developmental, and coaching options. Here are training benefits available to all GSA employees.

Guide on requesting use of your training budget to attend conferences, trainings or buy professional development books.

Free training and development opportunities

Online University (OLU) trainings

GSA's TTS-only, Online University (OLU) isn't just for mandatory trainings. It also offers over 2,000 personal development courses including: project management, coaching skills, finance, giving feedback, professional effectiveness and makes available a large selection of online books covering a wide range of subjects.

If you need technical assistance with the OLU platform, OLU offers , external,live chat support.

Guilds, Communities of practice, and working groups

TTS has a collection of communities to help develop best practices, provide training, explore new ideas, and help solve thorny issues. Most meet regularly and hold discussion related to a central theme.

Supervisor training

GSA InSite has compiled a list of TTS-only, supervisor trainings which offers helpful information and resources for new supervisors including links to the mandatory trainings.

Coaching (individual)

GSA provides free coaching services to any federal employee. There are three avenues:

  • You can request a GSA coach. Located throughout the agency, GSA coaches hold various roles and offer coaching in addition to their main assignments.
  • You can get paired with a coach at another agency via the Federal Coaching Network.
  • Employees who are GS-14 or above can find a coach through the Treasury Executive Institute (TEI).

To learn more about the GSA coaching program offerings and to get connected with a coach, visit the TTS-only, GSA Coaching Services InSite page.

Coaching (team) and group facilitation

GSA’s Organizational Development (OD) branch supports teams with customized tools and facilitated activities that help the team become more effective and cohesive. OD consultants can tailor their support to a variety of topics, including conflict resolution, communication, collaboration, change management, and more.

To get started, reach out to our , external,TTS-only, Organizational Development Consultant.


GSA has a mentoring program that facilitates small group discussions on a number of topics. For an overview of the different types of current and upcoming programs offered, visit the TTS-only, mentoring program page on InSite. There is also a TTS-only, mentoring resource library that includes mentorship guides, assessments, templates, and more.

TTS also a list of , external,TTS-only, external organizations who are seeking mentors.

Leadership development

Treasury Executive Institute (TEI) training

GSA has a partnership with the Department of Treasury's Executive Institute (TEI) which offers employees at the GS-14, 15, and SES grade levels access to the , external,TEI training programs both online and in the classroom to help develop and grow managerial skills.

You can request access to TEI by emailing , external,

Skillsoft Leadership Development Program (VLDP)

GSA’s TTS-only, Virtual Leadership Development Program (VLDP) is a self-paced program designed for you to enhance the learning and skills in OPM’s Executive Core Qualifications (ECQ’s) and a few other Fundamental Competencies.

Competitive Development Program (CDP)

The TTS-only, Competitive Development Program provides leadership development opportunities via select external training programs. The CDP is a competitive process that requires supervisor approval. Please note: the CDP is only open to full-time, permanent employees with at least 1 year of GSA service (by the application deadline).

Other growth opportunities

GSA Opportunity Network

TTS-only, GSA Opportunity Network is a developmental program offering a variety of temporary opportunities to GSA's workforce. This includes part-time projects, full-time details, job shadowing, and temporary promotion opportunities in various parts of the agency that can provide you with the chance to stretch your skills and expand your network.

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