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TTS Travel 101

Initial setup for travel

Start the First-time travel guide to setup >

In order to travel officially in TTS, you need to, at minimum, get set up in Concur*, GSA's travel system. Flights or Amtrak booked in Concur are paid for directly by GSA-- no travel card required.

You'll also want to apply for a GSA travel card, and once you receive it, update your Concur profile. This process takes about two weeks. In the meantime, you won't be able to make hotel reservations in Concur. It is recommended that you make all of your reservations via AdTrav at (877) 472-6716 until your card arrives. You will need to use your personal funds for all travel expenses other than flights/rail, but can be reimbursed for all official expenses when you complete a voucher upon your return.

*Note: there are special procedures for staff who need to get into Concur to travel during their first week and may not yet have access to OLU to complete the required IT security trainings.

Brief overview of how to travel

Start booking travel >

Once you are set up in Concur and your travel card is on its way, there are three main parts of the travel process to be aware of.

1. Book your travel and submit a plan for approval

The approval timeline will vary, but the whole process typically takes between a few days to a week.

2. Actually travel

Keep travel card policies and reimbursement rules as you travel, so you'll know the right times to use your GSA travel card and which receipts you need to keep with you.

3. File your voucher and get reimbursed

Now it's time to get reimbursed for your travel by filing your voucher. You can also get reimbursed for other things via this method, such as local travel or, for supervisors, professional liability insurance.

For unusual travel situations, there are a few additional guides to be aware of:

Getting help

You are responsible for securing your authorizing official's approval to travel, properly submitting your applications for Concur and the GSA travel card, booking your travel through Concur or AdTrav at (877) 472-6716, and ensuring your travel request is properly stamped and submitted in Concur.

The TTS Travel Team is responsible for approving properly submitted travel in Concur, and answering most* of the questions you might have along the way. You can reach them either via email at, in Slack in the #travel channel, or by booking , external,travel/purchase office hours. Note that the travel team won't be available to immediately assist with your inquiry, though the team endeavors to answer all questions that come through by their next office hours which are twice daily. Properly submitted authorizations for upcoming travel are reviewed by the team daily, and vouchers are reviewed within 5 business days. Close of business for the travel team is at 4:30 PM ET. Should you need support after-hours, read the guide here.

The TTS travel team is comprised of the following individuals. Please send your questions to them through the above-mentioned channels and not through individual emails or Slack DMs.

  • Djemila McCray (primary, People Operations)
  • Lathann Newland (primary, People Operations)
  • Steven Williams (backup, People Operations)

*Please direct technical questions about Concur to the Business Applications Service Desk at (866) 450-6588 (press 2) or Questions about the travel card application should be routed to

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