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Travel guide: Step 4

Get reimbursed

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Step 4 of 4 Get reimbursed

Brief overview of vouchers

You may be reimbursed for your expenses from official travel, or any other approved expense paid for via personal funds (such as reimbursement for local travel, or professional liability insurance for supervisors) by creating a voucher in Concur.

You can get started by navigating to the Vouchers tab on top and selecting New Voucher. If you do not yet have access to Concur, you can request it by following these steps.

BEFORE YOU BEGIN: did your dates of travel change such that they are in any way outside of the original dates of your trip? If yes, STOP, and create an amended authorization for the new dates.

  • Any travel that involves a flight, Amtrak, or is otherwise over 12 hours in duration is considered a Voucher From Authorization.
  • For any local travel choose the Local voucher option. Ensure that an email from your authorizing official approving the expenses you intend to get reimbursed has been sent to
  • For any other reimbursement, like expenses unrelated to travel such as professional liability insurance or training materials, choose the Miscellaneous voucher option.

Once the voucher is created, the next step is to enter and edit expenses in the Expenses and Receipts tab of the voucher. Find out how to add, edit, and delete expenses

Different types of expenses have different requirements. Some can be claimed without further action needed, while others require receipts and/or a brief justification. Review requirements for different types of expenses.

Finally, don't forget to stamp and submit for travel team approval! Your voucher will be reviewed in 3-5 business days, and reimbursement will be credited to your bank account and travel card 3-5 business days after approval.

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Have issues with reimbursements or outstanding travel card balances?

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