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Travel guide: Step 2

Book travel in Concur and secure approvals

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Brief overview of booking travel

If you have been set up in Concur, received your GSA travel card, saved your travel card information to your Concur profile, and have started the process of securing approval from your authorizing official (you may also book first to get the most accurate estimate of costs for either the email of approval or event request when applicable), head into Concur, where you can book:

Any reservations made in Concur will be held until approvals are secured and finalized-- nothing is charged to you, your travel card, or GSA.

Note: If you don't have your GSA travel card yet OR your estimated departure is less than 72 hours away, call AdTrav at (877) 472-6716 to make your reservations, then head into Concur an hour later. Make sure you continue to follow the steps below, or your travel will not be ticketed!

If you don't yet have a travel card and book through AdTrav, hotels will be charged against a personal credit or debit card, but flights or rail will be charged directly to the GSA.

Brief overview of finalizing approvals

Once you have finalized your reservations, there are still a few more steps to follow through on.

  1. Completing trip information, including relevant details about your trip.
  2. Justify any rental car use or personal vehicle mileage claims, when applicable.
  3. Stamp and submit authorization, ensuring your authorization is in SUBMIT TO APPROVER status.\
  4. If you haven't done so already, secure written approval from your authorizing official and send it to so the TTS travel team can likewise approve your trip in the system.

Ensure all of the above steps are completed no later than 3:30 PM ET the last business day before travel to give the travel team sufficient time to review. After-hours or emergency travel requests may be made in coordination with your supervisor and AdTrav via the process outlined here.

Should you need to rebook your travel at any point in the process, read the instructions here.

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