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Performance Management Overview

This page contains performance management quicklinks, important dates, and guidance for employees and supervisors. Visit the development and training page for opportunities within GSA that are available to TTS employees

Resource Use
, external,TTS-only, Mid-Year Employee checklist Mid-Year Employee performance management steps
, external,TTS-only, Mid-Year Supervisor checklist Mid-Year Supervisor performance management steps
, external,TTS-only, End-of-Year Employee checklist End-of-Year Employee performance management steps
, external,TTS-only, End-of-Year Supervisor checklist End-of-year Supervisor performance management steps
, external,TTS-only, Employee Step-by-Step HR Links Guide Entering performance review steps into HR Links
, external,TTS-only, Supervisor Step-by-Step HR Links Guide Entering and processing performance review steps in HR Links
, external,TTS-only, FY21 Performance Plan Framework TTS Performance Plan framework with 3 tiers and recommended percentage weights
, external,TTS-only, FY20 Performance Plan Critical Elements Examples Examples of FY20 performance plans critical elements used by TTS Business Units
TTS-only, HR Links Submitting performance reviews
, external,TTS-only, Fix HR Links Google Chrome Login Issue Instructions for clearing HR Links site cache
, external,TTS-only, HR Links Employee Guide Visual guide for employees to enter components of a performance review into HR Links
, external,TTS-only, HR Links Supervisor Guide Visual guide for supervisors to enter components of a performance review into HR Links
, external,TTS-only, Acquisition Critical Element Guide Instructions for adding the Acquisition Critical Element, which is required for all CORs on active delegation
, external,TTS-only, Closing out an Interim Performance Plan Use to close out performance plans that will not factor into the end of year performance award
, external,TTS-only, FY20 Performance Management Planning & Appraisal Schedule All estimated FY19-FY21 Performance dates
, external,Online Learning University (OLU) Non-supervisor Performance management trainings (Non-supervisory employees)
, external,Online Learning University (OLU) Supervisor Performance management trainings (Supervisory employees)
TTS-only, Employee Performance Management InSite performance management resources
, external,TTS-only, HR Links: Time Off Award Preference Instructions for selecting time off awards in lieu of cash

Who participates in the end of year performance review?

A GSA employee is eligible to be rated by their official Supervisor if they have been on an established Performance Plan for 120 days, beginning with the date that the employee acknowledged the performance plan that was signed by their Supervisor.

For employees who need a new performance plan to be established after June 1, their supervisor should partner with our , external,TTS-only, Workforce Relations partner for guidance.

Employees who start after September 1 are not eligible to participate in the upcoming end-of-year performance review cycle. The employee's supervisor should partner with TTS PeopleOps for guidance.

PLEASE NOTE: New performance plans should be established within 30 days of an employee entering a role.

Who is eligible for the end of year performance bonus?

Employees who occupy eligible positions as of September 30, of the current fiscal year, and who receive an eligible rating of record, may receive an Individual Performance Award (IPA). “Ratings of Record (Annual)” should be completed in HR Links by November 14, or that employee may not receive their award timely.

Subject to the availability of funds, OCFO and OHRM plan to distribute IPAs as follows:

  • Level 5 summary ratings: Up to 3.85% of adjusted basic pay, or up to 80 hours of time off, subject to budget availability.
  • Level 4 summary ratings: Up to 2.1% of adjusted basic pay, or up to 44 hours of time off subject to budget availability.
  • "High 3" summary ratings: Up to 0.385% of adjusted basic pay, or up to 8 hours of time off subject to budget availability for employees who receive a Level 3 summary rating with one or more critical elements weighted 15% or greater, rated at Level 4 or Level 5.

The final award percentages for Level 5, Level 4 and Level 3 summary ratings will be determined when all performance reviews are complete. In the event the above targets for the Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 summary ratings cannot be met due to budget constraints, the percentage payouts for awards will be decreased proportionally. Summary ratings are not an average score — TTS-only, they are assigned as defined on InSite.

IPAs are targeted to be paid out in December, as in previous years. However, the IPA payout date depends upon the status of the Continuing Resolution and fiscal year funding funding.

If you are eligible for an end-of-year individual performance award (cash or time-off), please make a selection no later than November 15th. If you would like to keep the same selection type as the previous fiscal year, no further action is needed.

  • Monetary award: This is the default option in HR Links. No action is needed in HR Links unless you specified award time off for the prior review cycle

    • To change from LEAVE to CASH, you need to change your “Time Off Award Preference” to “Inactive” and you must then use the “Save” button.
    • Note: These , external,TTS-only, instructions show where to make the change in HR Links
  • Award leave: If you would like to select award time off in lieu of a monetary award, please follow , external,TTS-only, these instructions.


  • Online , external,Performance Management Program to support performance management of both organizations and employees including tools and job aids. Courses include, but is not limited to the following:

    • Performance Management Overview – Refresher and introduction of the performance management program.
    • Performance Planning Cascading Goals – Learn the importance of cascading goals to align with organizational performance to support organizational success.
    • Performance Planning Establishing SMART Performance Plans – Learn the importance of writing measurable plans to support organizational outcomes.
    • Self-Assessments – Learn to write effective self-assessment to support the promotion of accomplishments.
    • Planning an Effective Appraisal - “Newly added” Learn what is needed and to how to prepare for an appraisal.
    • Awards – Learn about the available awards within GSA.
  • HR Links TTS-only, Online Training and Guidance. Courses include, but is not limited to the following:

    • Create & Submit a Performance plan
    • Acknowledge a Performance plan
    • Mid-Year Self-Assessment
    • Acknowledge a Mid-Year Progress Review
    • Acknowledge an Evaluation
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