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Performance Management Overview

This page contains performance management quicklinks, important dates, and guidance for employees and supervisors. Visit the development and training page for opportunities within GSA that are available to TTS employees

Resource Use
Employee checklist Employee performance management steps
Supervisor checklist Supervisor performance management steps
Employee Step-by-Step HR Links Guide Entering performance review steps into HR Links
Supervisor Step-by-Step HR Links Guide Entering and processing performance review steps in HR Links
HR Links Submitting performance reviews
Fix HR Links Google Chrome Login Issue Instructions for clearing HR Links site cache
HR Links Employee Guide Visual guide for employees to enter components of a performance review into HR Links
HR Links Supervisor Guide Visual guide for supervisors to enter components of a performance review into HR Links
FY19 Performance Management Planning & Appraisal Master Schedule All FY19 dates
Online Learning University (OLU) Non-supervisor Performance management trainings (Non-supervisory employees)
Online Learning University (OLU) Supervisor Performance management trainings (Supervisory employees)
Employee Performance Management InSite performance management resources
HR Links: Time Off Award Preference Instructions for selecting time off awards in lieu of cash

Who participates in the end of year performance review?

A GSA employee is eligible to be rated by their official Supervisor if they have been on an established Performance Plan for 120 days, beginning with the date that the employee acknowledged the performance plan that was signed by their Supervisor.

TTS employees who have established a performance plan before July 17 are eligible to participate in the October 1 - November 14 end-of-year performance review cycle. For employees who start after July 17 and before September 1, the performance plan can be closed out 120 days after the performance plan is acknowledged by the employee. Employees who start after September 1 are not eligible to participate in the end-of-year performance review cycle.

Who is eligible for the end of year performance bonus?

Information will be updated pending guidance from GSA.


  • Online Performance Management Program to support performance management of both organizations and employees including tools and job aids. Courses include, but is not limited to the following:
    • Performance Management Overview – Refresher and introduction of the performance management program.
    • Performance Planning Cascading Goals – Learn the importance of cascading goals to align with organizational performance to support organizational success.
    • Performance Planning Establishing SMART Performance Plans – Learn the importance of writing measurable plans to support organizational outcomes.
    • Self-Assessments – Learn to write effective self-assessment to support the promotion of accomplishments.
    • Planning an Effective Appraisal - “Newly added” Learn what is needed and to how to prepare for an appraisal.
    • Awards – Learn about the available awards within GSA.
  • HR Links Online Training and Guidance. Courses include, but is not limited to the following:
    • Create & Submit a Performance plan
    • Acknowledge a Performance plan
    • Mid-Year Self-Assessment
    • Acknowledge a Mid-Year Progress Review
    • Acknowledge an Evaluation

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