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GSA internal tools

This post provides information on how to work with GSA's web tools and your GSA-issued equipment.

GSA tools

Most of GSA's internal tools are accessible via our Agency's intranet TTS-only, Insite. You must be on the GSA network to connect if you work remotely. Instructions for logging in are here. Here's an overview of what you can access (you can click the names in this table to scroll down the page):

Name What we use it for Login system
BookIT! To reserve a desk or meeting room in GSA buildings ENT username and password
Concur To book travel. Learn more in Travel 101. ENT username and password
Employee Express To view your paystub, change your direct deposit, update your tax withholdings, or change your address Employee Express username and password
HR Links To request/document leave and access your personnel file online ENT on GSA Wireless
IT Service Desk General IT questions about Employee Express and other passwords (Note: They may not support requests for Macs, but will support requests for GSA websites) ENT username and password
Self Service Used to install desktop software on Macs ENT username and password
Online University (OLU) To take mandatory trainings for federal employees ENT username and password

Browser requirements

Please note that while many of these websites work fine in Chrome or Firefox, you must use Safari or Internet Explorer to access Online University.

Let's cover each of these tools in a bit more detail.


TTS-only, BookIt! is what you'll use to reserve a desk or a meeting room within a GSA building.

Here are some tips for employees that frequent an office:

  • To periodically reserve a workstation in D.C.:
    1. Go to `Profile → View Your Profile → Edit Profile`.
    2. Pick the workstation you'd like to reserve each day. TTS is on floor 3, Wing 1 and part of Wing 0 (Rooms 3007-3011)).
    3. Category: Workstation, Floor 3: Wing 1 or Floor 3: Wing 0. BookIT shows which workstations are equipped with Mac monitors.
    4. Choose the day of the week (today)
    5. Choose start and end times (typically, 9am and 6pm)
    6. Click save
    Once your one-click settings are set up, you only have to hit two buttons each day: One-Click and Express Check-In (the top button on the left — arrow into door)
  • BookIT! can remember your office location so you won't have to scroll through drop-down menus every time you need to reserve a meeting room. To save your office location settings, go to Profile → View Your Profile → Edit Profile.
  • BookIT! also allows you to add "delegates," or people who can book rooms and/or check in on your behalf. To do that, go to Profile → View Your Profile → Delegates → Edit Profile.
  • Some employees have expressed difficulty in logging into BookIT! If you're having difficulty, try bookmarking TTS-only, the BookIT! login page. It should immediately ask for your ENT password. In DC, you can also email , external, and ask to be added to the TTS org they should be able to add you to the list in a day.

Employee Express

, external,Employee Express is used to view your paystub, change your withholdings, change your health insurance plan, and change your address.

If you're new to GSA, it'll take a few weeks for IT to set up your account. (You should have access after your first paycheck.) You’ll receive a Welcome to Employee Express email with a security code.

  1. You must click the first link first to activate your account.
  2. Sign in with your temporary ID number (last five digits of your social security number).
  3. After you activate your account, you can set up your login ID and password.
  4. Then, go back to the welcome email and click the second link to log in.

Once your account is setup, be sure to log in right away as that initial access expires within a few days. If you have trouble logging in or need to contact the Employee Express Help Desk, click on the (?) icon in the top right hand corner of the , external,Employee Express main page and fill out the "Help Request" form.

See Benefits for more details about Employee Express.

TTS-only, HR Links is what you'll use to request and document leave (sick, annual, bereavement, and more) as well as access your personnel file (your salary, your GS level, your supervisor, your past performance rating(s), and information about health insurance plan).

IT Service Desk

Also known as the GSA IT Help Desk or Service Now.

If you have any issues with a GSA-maintained system or website, you'll need to contact the IT service desk through:

They are available 6am-9pm ET. If your ticket gets stuck, you can ask them to escalate it (just say "can you escalate this for me, please"). If that doesn't work, reach out to the Tech Portfolio.

If you need to reset your ENT password, follow these instructions.

Self Service

The , external,Self Service application is used to install desktop software on Macs. It can be found under Applications on your Mac. If a piece of desktop software you want isn't appearing there, you'll need to request it.

For Windows, see TTS-only, these instructions.

Office supplies

Access to general office supplies varies based on your location — see our office guides. The D.C. office has a supply center on the first floor of the GSA building. The supply center offers paper, pens, notebooks, and other basic office supplies (many of which can also be found in printer rooms throughout the building). See also:

If you need office supplies that aren’t available in your office, software, or need to make any other request for TTS to purchase, read on here for what to do next.

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