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TTS Outreach

TTS Outreach is responsible for the TTS brand with audiences both internal and external to the government. It exists to drive demand for TTS services in support of the overall mission to improve the public’s experience with the government by helping agencies build, buy, and share technology that allows them to better serve the public.

The team works closely with the GSA Office of Strategic Communication to ensure all communications meet GSA standards and align with GSA’s mission. Outreach achieves its goals through:


Outreach is part of TTS Clients & Markets and is funded by the TTS business units. Come talk to the Outreach team if you’d like help with:

If you’re contacted by a journalist or member of the press, please forward the message to without responding. All press interactions are handled by the Office of Strategic Communication.


The Outreach team has a point person for each of the main business units, and they should be your first point of contact when looking for Outreach services.

You can also reach the whole team at

Slack channels