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TTS Outreach

TTS Outreach is responsible for the TTS brand with audiences both internal and external to the government. It exists to drive demand for TTS services in support of the overall mission to improve the public’s experience with the government by helping agencies build, buy, and share technology that allows them to better serve the public.

The team works closely with the GSA Office of Strategic Communication to ensure all communications meet GSA standards and align with GSA’s mission. Outreach achieves its goals through:

  • Brand management
  • Online presence (web, social, etc.) strategy
  • Email communications
  • Customer engagement
  • Demand generation efforts
  • Constituent education


Outreach is part of TTS Clients & Markets and is funded by the TTS business units. Come talk to the Outreach team if you’d like help with:

  • Reviewing and approving public content, including marketing materials and websites
  • Learning about emerging technology communications and training tools
  • Creating a communication and social engagement strategy
  • Writing a conference talk
  • Connecting with the Office of Strategic Communication regarding press requests, GSA communication channels, or approvals
  • Editing TTS content on InSite or

If you're contacted by a journalist or member of the press, please forward the message to without responding. All press interactions are handled by the Office of Strategic Communication.


The Outreach team has a point person for each of the main business units, and they should be your first point of contact when looking for Outreach services.

  • Director - Star Vanamali
  • 18F - Dahianna Salazar Foreman
  • Solutions - Kristina Britt
  • PIF - Vacant
  • COE - Andrea Sigritz

You can also reach the whole team at

Slack channels

  • , external,TTS-only, #outreach is for all general inquiries including helping you promote things, members of the press asking you questions, guidance on getting content approved etc.
  • , external,TTS-only, #tweet-this is where we coordinate activity for TTS Twitter accounts. Hop in here if you’d like an official account to tweet something or respond to a tweet.
  • , external,TTS-only, #press is for collecting press mentions of TTS. If you see something inaccurate in a story posted in press, you can contact the Outreach team to see if we can get it corrected.
  • , external,TTS-only, #training-conferences: This channel is not managed by the Outreach team, but this is where you go if you’ve been asked to speak at an event, or if you want to speak at an event and may need approval. Outreach can help you with content for a talk, but the Governance and Compliance team handles approvals.

How to make TTS-wide announcements

You might have a need to get a message to all of TTS, such as:

  • Major events impacting all of TTS or a TTS Business unit
  • Required trainings
  • Necessary security and compliance actions
  • Policy changes or reminders
  • All-team events
  • Senior management team meeting notes
  • Changes or actions that impact the entire team

To send, reach out to us in , external,TTS-only, #outreach. We will:

  1. Copyedit the message
  2. Get approvals (if needed)
  3. Email to all of TTS
  4. Cross-post in , external,TTS-only, #news
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