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18F Business Development

Who We Are

The 18F Business Development team is responsible for identifying potential partnership opportunities for 18F’s products and services. Specifically, the team works to identify prospective work by fielding calls with partners, tracking prospective leads, and qualifying work that aligns with 18F’s mission and values.

Business Development Process

  • We model 18F’s collaborative and user-centered approach in the business development process.
  • We host introductory conversations with potential partners in an effort to learn more about them and the problems they’re trying to solve.
  • We have collaborative meetings with 18F’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)—a cross-functional team of product managers, acquisition specialists, designers, and engineers—to get a better sense of what partner(s) would like to achieve, and to qualify opportunities.
  • We develop project proposals that translate what partners need into what 18F can deliver.
  • We track and maintain potential leads in our internal partner relationship management tools.

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Find us on Slack:

  • #18F-BD
  • #18F-SME-live-call

Tools & Resources

Getting Started

If you’re interested in exploring a project, email us more information at 18F is a cost recoverable office, therefore by law, must charge for our services.

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