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About the TTS Handbook

Under development

This page is new and currently under development. Its content is accurate, but it is lacking important information such as the Handbook's governance structure.

In a nutshell, the Handbook is our take on internal government documentation. It is an open, crowd-sourced, accessible, and living resource that aims to provide the information our team needs to do their work.

The Handbook does not represent official TTS policy. At times, the Handbook may summarize official policy in plain-language, but it is not used as an enforcement tool from HR or others.


The Handbook should always aim to be:

  • Open: To build trust among TTS staff members, with the public, and to make the information as easy-to-access as possible, content should be open to all.
  • Crowd-sourced: Anyone should be able to contribute. Contributors should not need to know web development or version control, and they should not have to be affiliated with TTS.
  • Accessible: Handbook content ought to be written in plain language and be searchable.
  • Living: Content is expected to change over time. Specifically, it should be kept up-to-date with TTS’s processes and policies.

We wrote a blog post about the Handbook's principles and history -- check it out if you're interested!


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