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Top Secret / Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI) Clearance

Most TTS employees hold moderate risk , external,Public Trust positions. Public Trust is a type of position, , external,not a clearance level, though GSA refers to it as a clearance level.

However, for certain projects, partners need TTS employees to have access to classified national security information. These employees need to be granted security clearance eligibility (a.k.a a security clearance) to be able to view this information.

This Handbook page covers only two areas: how to find your clearance status and how to submit a clearance upgrade request.

If you have detailed security clearance questions, review the TTS-only, offices and points of contact list on GSA InSite.

Guidance on international travel for clearance holders

Up-to-date guidance on TTS-only, international travel for clearance holders is available on InSite.

Your clearance status

Find out your clearance status in HRLinks

  1. On your HR Links homepage, within the tile named Employee Personal Info, click the link View/Update Personal Info.
  2. Under the section Security Clearance, click the plus icon to view your security investigation(s) and the status of the associated clearance(s).

View , external,TTS-only, Locating Your Information in HR Links and Other HR Systems for a visual step-by-step guide.

Clearance upgrade requests

If you are a TTS employee and your project work requires a security clearance, your supervisor will be responsible for initiating the process.


Below are approximate timelines for the clearance process:

  • 1-2 months for a new Secret (interim) clearance
  • 6-8 months for a new Top Secret (TS) clearance
  • 8-15 months for a new Top Secret clearance with access to Sensitive Compartmented Information (TS/SCI)

If you transferred to GSA with an active clearance, timelines may be quicker.

Please note: you cannot be placed on a new position description (PD) until your security clearance is processed and approved.


1. Your supervisor submits the Security Clearance Upgrade Request form

Supervisors complete the , external,TTS-only, Security Clearance Upgrade Request form when requesting an upgraded security clearance for one of their direct reports. The information gathered will help PeopleOps determine the best way to support and proceed with the Security Clearance upgrade process.

2. PeopleOps reviews the request, looks at the TTS position description database, and determines if a new PD needs to be created.

If a new PD is needed:
  • PeopleOps works with your supervisor and OHRM’s classification office to create a draft PD.
  • Your supervisor reviews the draft PD. The draft can be further edited, in collaboration with OHRM.
  • The Classification Specialist will send your supervisor a , external,TTS-only, GSA Position Risk Determination Survey (PRDS).
    • On Question #7, your supervisor will refer to pages 4-10 of the , external,TTS-only, Federal Cybersecurity Coding Structure and choose up to 3 codes which describe the type of cybersecurity work assigned to the position, and list them in descending order by majority of work time.
    • If your supervisor has any questions on the PRDS, the OHRM Classification Specialist can assist.
  • Your supervisor will also need to sign an , external,OF-8 form. PeopleOps typically receives this form and routes it via DocuSign to your supervisor and to the Classification Specialist.
  • Your supervisor will draft a , external,TTS-only, justification memo, which PeopleOps can assist with. This will need to be signed by the TTS Executive Director.
  • Your supervisor will email both completed documents and the justification memo to OHRM, copying , external,
If an appropriate PD already exists:

Your supervisor will draft a , external,TTS-only, justification memo, which PeopleOps can assist with. This will need to be signed by the TTS Executive Director and submitted with the request to OHRM, copying , external,

3. OHRM does a final review of all documents and submits them to GSA's Security Personnel Office.

4. GSA’s Security Personnel Office will contact you directly to complete an eQIP.

You will have 7 days to complete the eQIP once notified. Please read the emails and follow directions carefully.

5. Security reviews your completed eQIP.

6. If the clearance has been approved, the assigned adjudicator from GSA Security will inform you directly and provide you further instructions.

Reminder: it can take over a year for a TS/SCI clearance request to be processed!

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