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Records management

Records are written words, video recordings, etc. that are attributable back to you. This page outlines how to properly treat federal records.


All GSA employees are responsible for records management. The widespread use of electronic mail (GMail) and electronic records through GSA’s online applications has highlighted the need for everyone to understand how to determine which documents are Federal records and how to manage them effectively. Records serve a number of purposes, including:

  • planning administrative and program needs
  • documenting GSA activities
  • protecting the agency’s legal and financial rights
  • providing for adequate oversight by Congress and other authorized agencies
  • documenting the agency’s history
  • providing continuity of operations during an emergency or disaster

Records are critical to an organization to function effectively and efficient. Visit GSA Insite Records Management Page for general procedures on identifying Federal records, determining what documents are needed to document Agency activities, for official files and managing records in accordance with the law.

See also: Records Management Primer for websites.