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TTS is a fee-for-service organization. Federal law requires that any agreement between agencies be recorded in some manner.


TTS uses three mechanisms to record its agreements with other agencies: Interagency Agreements (IAAs), Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs), and Intergovernmental Cooperation Act agreements (IGCAs).

  • IAA is our shorthand for using the Treasury Department's standard form 7600A and 7600B, along with terms and conditions, a statement of work, and financial terms to record the agreement.
  • An MOU is a single document to record work between two divisions within one TTS office. (For example: between and The Data Analytics Portfolio both of which are part of the Office of Solutions.) These agreements are between TTS and the GSA-CFO to allow the transfer of funds between the organizations. The Agreements Team provides , external,TTS-only, templates for your use.
  • We use IGCAs to partner with non-federal entities, such as States and Cities. For more on IGCAs, see the State and Local Agreements page.

What are the contents of an IAA?

An IAA is made up of:


Follow the steps below. The process largely depends on how quickly the client provides the required information, you complete a statement of work, and the Office of General Counsel (OGC) reviews the agreement. Some agreements can take as few as 10 days, while others take up to 90 days.

Program Responsibilities

  1. For 18F projects, complete a , external,TTS-only, cost estimate.
  2. Revise and edit the Statement of Work (see SOW templates listed above) with the client.
  3. Ask the client to complete the , external,TTS-only, IAA Preparation Survey. If the client cannot complete the Google Form, please use the , external,TTS-only, PDF version of the survey. This form must be submitted by the client before moving to the next step.


  1. The project lead submits the , external,TTS-only, IAA Request Form, which includes a link to the , external,TTS-only, cost estimate and statement of work, along with the period of performance and basic client data.
  2. The Agreements Team receives the form and:
  • Creates a file folder with all appropriate templates
  • Emails the client lead specified to start collecting any additional information required.

Agreements Team Responsibilities

A detailed description of the steps in the IAA and MOU process is available , external,TTS-only, here

Agreements Status

The Agreements Team maintains the , external,TTS-only, TTS Agreements Report and updates it daily.

Questions on agreements can be posted anytime to , external,TTS-only, #iaa in Slack or by sending a message to @tts-agreements-team or

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