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Changing your name

TTS does our best to make everyone feel welcome. During the onboarding process, we can't always ensure that your preferred name is reflected in all of GSA's systems. You can update your records so that people who look at your name on emails and in Google Meet are reminded to use the name that makes you most comfortable.

Changing your name across GSA

Follow these steps if your name in GSA systems does not match your name as it appears on identity documents (e.g. passport, marriage certificate, state-issued ID card):

  1. Log in to TTS-only, HR Links
  2. Follow , external,TTS-only, these steps.
  3. Wait up to 5 business days for the changes to take effect. You will receive an automated email from HR links stating that it has been submitted.
  4. Once your name has been updated in GCIMS via HRLinks, you can submit a GSA IT Help Desk to update your google account.

If you have trouble with this process, TTS-only, contact HRLinks support.

Adding a preferred name

Follow these steps to add or update your preferred first name, for example GSA systems refer to you as Michael but you go by Mike:

  1. Log in to TTS-only, GCIMS
  2. Click on GCIMS Self Service on the left
  3. Click on Work Contact Information close to the middle of the page
  4. Enter your the name you go by in the Preferred Name field
  5. Click Update and return
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