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In general, contractors “embedded” in TTS (working on TTS projects most or full-time) can be given the same equipment and access as federal staff performing the same duties. The main exceptions are conversations/materials that are acquisition-sensitive.

Policy highlights

Contractors with system access must utilize a email account to conduct business with GSA.

GSA Information Technology (IT) Security Policy

Authorized users are employees of GSA and other Government organizations and those contractors, consultants, or other third parties who are specifically granted access to conduct business on behalf of or with GSA or other Government organizations supported by GSA. Compliance with this policy should be addressed in Statements of Work (SOWs) for contractors.

All…authorized users are expected to utilize standard equipment unless an exception has been approved by appropriate authorities.

Provisioning of Information Technology (IT) Devices

Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12)…requires all Federal Executive departments and agencies to conduct personnel investigations, adjudicate the results, and issue identity credentials to all Federal employees and contractors who require routine access to their building facilities and information technology (IT) systems.

GSA HSPD-12 Personal Identity Verification and Credentialing Handbook

GSA Access Card

The GSA Access Card (“badge”, “PIV card”) is part of the contractor’s onboarding process. The sensitivity level of their work (i.e. manipulates data or system configurations, access to PII) and position will determine if a GSA Access Card is required.


Depending on the work they will perform, contractors may receive GSA provided computers or equipment. If the contractor needs access to applications that require VPN, they are required to use a GSA provided computer. If they can complete their work using VDI, they do not need a GSA provided computer and may use their company issued computer.

In order to request a GSA provided computer or other equipment, CORs or hiring manager should submit a New Hire Request and select the equipment that is needed.

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