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Transit Benefit

This page outlines how to sign up for and how to cancel the transit benefit.

Currently, the Transit Benefits system is down. There is not an alternative registration option available. When the system is back online, PeopleOps will share an update.


All GSA employees who take mass/public transit to work are eligible for transit subsidies. To receive a transit subsidy, you need to enroll using the process below.

Enrolling in transit benefit

The step-by-step guidance below is specific to TTS employees:

Use T-TECH TRANSFORMATION SERVICE as your organizational code. Make sure to select the Transit Coordinator in the Region in which you reside - this information is listed in the online form.

  • Go to , external,
  • Click on Transit Benefit Program Application System
  • Click on Register
  • Update your password information using the temporary password that's emailed to you
  • Login using your government email and updated password
  • Review the "Rules of behavior" and then click on I Agree
  • Click on Transit Benefit Application
  • Select "Certify/Enroll" and click Continue
  • On the "Warning" screen, click I Agree
  • Enter information into the application and verify that it's correct. Here are common selections for TTS team members:
    • Reason for Certification: New Transit Benefit Participant
    • Employment Type: Permanent
    • Work Status: Full Time
    • Select Transportation Method (i.e. Bus, Other Bus, Rail, Other Method, Van Pool)
      • Fill out corresponding information for each transportation method selected
    • Fill out "Transit Benefit Program Application"
      • Organization Code: Q - Federal Acquisition Service
      • Common identifier: TRANSIT
    • Fill out "Approver Information Section"
      • Select your Supervisor - If your supervisor is not listed, have your supervisor follow these steps:
        • If the Supervisor is not currently enrolled in the TranServe system, they will need to follow all of the steps above to enroll as a "participant"
        • Once enrolled, the Supervisor needs to send an email to Alexandra Sabbers at , external, requesting elevation to "Supervisor" status
      • Transit Coordinator:
      • Point of Contact:
        • DC employees: Central Office FAS Transit Subsidy
        • Other regions: enter region code (Ex: Chicago employees enter Region 5)
  • Scroll down and click Continue to submit

Note: The approval process is supervisor, GSA Transit Coordinator, and DOT review/processing.

Cancelling transit benefit

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