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Meetings and meeting tools

Here are some of the tools TTS uses to facilitate meetings:


Video conferencing tools enable staff all over the country to video chat and screenshare in remote meetings. We’ve found that video calls help teams stay connected and are easier to manage than conference calls for large groups.

See InSite for options. Additional option not listed there:

Service Capacity Dial-in option?
Slack calls 15 N

The ones with dial-in options can be used without video (say, if video is blocked by the partner agency), as well. Recordings of meetings are records.

Common barriers to using these tools with partners

  • IF partners don’t have access to video/cameras, THEN use audio only with screen-sharing.
  • IF blocked by firewall/security issues, THEN see if they have access to a different tool. See using partners’ tools.

Connectivity issues

If you are having connectivity issues when videoconferencing, try:

  1. Adjusting video quality settings

  2. Turning off video
  3. Dialing in
  4. Switching to a different tool

Compliance with GSA policies

Our agency maintains a formal meeting, conference, and event policy. The most applicable part of this policy for TTS is the approval requirement for internal meetings that require the travel of more than six employees or will cost more than $10,000. For these meetings, approval of both the Commissioner of the Technology Transformation Service and the Deputy Administrator of GSA via the Salesforce Event Tracker system. For further information and help getting your request submitted, go to the #training-conferences Slack channel.