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TTS Talent attracts the most passionate, talented individuals from across the public and private sectors, offering them unique professional development opportunities, top-notch customer service, and fulfilling, impactful work that transforms how the public interacts with the government.

While the name might be misleading, the Talent Team is primarily focused on talent acquisition/hiring and onboarding, whereas the People Ops team is focused on assisting current employees with issues related to benefits, performance management, and learning and development opportunities.

Talent Team Overview

Our Mission

To cultivate an organization full of highly talented and diverse staff who are provided the opportunity to deliver high impact public service.

How We Work

We are a team that works collaboratively, transparently and vulnerably. Where everyone has a role to play but success is not determined by an individual’s output, it is determined by the whole team delivering on the mission.

Team Values

  • Attentiveness
  • Inclusion
  • Empathy
  • User-Centric, Iterative and Agile
  • Measurable & data driven
  • Transparency
  • Collaboration
  • Strategic Thinking

FY2021 Key Objectives

  1. Attract and hire well-qualified candidates who reflect the diversity of the general public
  2. Strategically partner with leadership to understand and advise on the people needs of the organization
  3. Use data to make well informed decisions about the recruitment and onboarding process
  4. Foster relationships internally and externally

Our Commitment to DE&I

We acknowledge that we can do better as a team and as an organization when it comes to attracting and hiring talent from underrepresented backgrounds. In Summer 2020, we launched a , external,TTS-only, MVP for Improving Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in our hiring process. We are committed to continuing to iterate and improve on our strategy.

Referring a person

Many leads for great candidates come through our current employees. Ideally, these referrals should come directly to Talent rather than to the team/managers/supervisors. We work to keep all mentions of who knows who and who recommends who away from the team/managers/supervisors who are involved in hiring so they can stay impartial. This helps ensure that candidates make it through the process on their own merits.

Once you have submitted a referral, a talent team member will reach out and invite the person to our monthly general TTS Info Session. We share information about TTS and each BU at the Info Session as well as provide guidance on the application process. If we have a specialized Info Session scheduled (i.e. for Product or Engineering) we will invite your referral to a role specific Info Session if it's applicable. Talent doesn't have individual conversations with referrals.

We accept varying levels of leads including:

  • Referrals: You know them really well (e.g. someone you worked closely with or a good friend)
  • Warm Leads: You kind-of know them (e.g. someone you worked with but not directly)
  • Cold Leads: You barely know them at all (e.g. someone you heard speak at a conference or wrote a memorable blog post)

Submit leads and referrals using the , external,Referral Submission Form. , external,TTS-only, More information on the referral program. Leads and referrals are welcome any time, not just during times when positions are open.

Please note: In accordance to GSA Order 9310.2, Restrictions on Employment of Relatives, no public official shall refer a relative to another public official for consideration for appointment, employment, promotion, or advancement to any position in GSA.

To see what positions we're hiring for, take a look at our Join TTS website.

Applying to open positions

External candidates should apply to open positions here.

Internal candidates can find opportunities via , external,TTS-only, #tts-jobs in Slack.

Stay connected to what Talent is working on

There are many ways to stay connected to what Talent is working on including those below:

  • Slack: We share a Weekly Ship message every Monday in #hiring, highlighting some of the things we are focused on for the week as well as Talent-related announcements.
  • Email: We send a Weekly Snapshot email every Tuesday to all of TTS, sharing the open internal, external and upcoming positions that we are hiring for.

How to get in touch

  • Slack:

  • Email:

    • , external, - for applicants, candidates, or other interested parties to contact the Talent Team. Also use this email if you'd like to submit an internal competition announcement for our review and for all hiring and onboarding related questions.
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