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TTS now has an Enterprise contract with , external,Airtable.

Licenses that allow edit access are allocated on a per team basis. The license managers for each group are listed , external,TTS-only, here. If you are part of one of these teams, you can reach out to the listed point of contact in order to request one of the limited licenses.

If you are on another team that does not yet have an allocation of Airtable licenses but is interested in using it, we will be rolling out a new process for requesting additional licenses in the summer of 2024.

View-only licenses are free! Any existing Airtable user should be able to grant you one by default by sharing view-only access to an existing base, but should you run into any difficulty, you can reach out in , external,#airtable-smartsheet. All users must log into Airtable using the Single Sign On option.

A more complete guide to Airtable, complete with training resources, can be found , external,here, though you will need to have at least a viewer licenses to Airtable in order to access it. More materials, including additional guidance on privacy, common use cases, and FAQs is coming soon.

This is a , external,Low system

This means: Reach out in , external,TTS-only, #infrastructure if you have questions.


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