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Slack integrations

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We have a few different Slack Apps and bots you’ll see in Slack:

  • Charlie: our Slack app. Knows all kinds of tricks! Check out its repo on GitHub to learn more.
  • coffeemate: send a message with coffee me in a public channel or direct message @Charlie with coffee me to set up a virtual coffee/tea with a random coworker.
  • Slackbot: We automate responses to frequently asked questions with a Slackbot. You can update or customize responses here. (You can also request new emoji. Do not include private or sensitive information in Slackbot automatic responses.
  • TTS Inspector: Our auditing bot

Learn more about some of our unique channel customizations and auto-responses in the Slack @ TTS guide.

If you’re interested in learning more about the bots, or perhaps contributing to them, pop into #bots.

New integrations

You can add new “configurations” of pre-approved integrations to Slack, for things like posting Trello or GitHub notifications to a Slack channel. For getting notifications into Slack with a custom integration, you can create a new App for Incoming Webhooks, which will be approved. For any new integration types, please follow the process below.

Integration request form

Note this is only necessary for new bots or types of integrations — approval is not needed for new “configurations” of a previously-approved App. The form should be filled out again if the nature of the connection changes, e.g. a webhook connection changes to using OAuth.

New integrations being built/hosted by GSA should be developed against the test Slack—ask in #admins-slack for access.

New integrations/bots need approval from the following:

  • Security Engineering (ISE)
  • OCTO
  • GSA IT Slack admins

Those that are approved will be approved across the GSA Slack Enterprise Grid. Considerations:

  • Read access from Slack (e.g. RSS) will almost definitely be approved.
  • One-way integrations into Slack (e.g. via webhooks) are almost always fine.
  • Integrations from higher-risk systems into Slack will generally not be approved.