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Slack integrations

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We have a few different Slack Apps and bots you’ll see in Slack:

  • Angry Tock: our fierce timesheet reminder.
  • Charlie: our Slack app. Knows all kinds of tricks. Visit the repo to see what it can do.
  • coffeemate: send a message with coffee me in a public channel or direct message @Charlie (El Hubot Real) with coffee me to set up a virtual coffee/tea with a random coworker.
  • Slackbot: We automate responses to frequently asked questions with a Slackbot. You can update or customize responses here. (You can also add emoji). Do not include private or sensitive information in Slackbot automatic responses.
  • TTS Inspector: Our auditing bot

Learn more about some of our unique channel customizations and auto-responses in the Slack @ TTS guide.

If you’re interested in learning more about the bots, or perhaps contributing to them, pop into #bots.

New integrations

You can add new “configurations” of pre-approved integrations to Slack, for things like posting Trello or GitHub notifications to a Slack channel. You can also freely add new configurations for “Incoming WebHooks,” which is on a different page. For any new integration types, please follow the process below.

Integration request form

Note this is only necessary for new bots or types of integrations — approval is not needed for new “configurations” of a previously-approved App. The form should be filled out again if the nature of the connection changes, e.g. a webhook connection changes to using OAuth.

New integrations being built/hosted by GSA should be developed against the test Slack—ask in #admins-slack for access.

New integrations/bots need approval from the following:

  • Security Engineering (ISE)
  • OCTO
  • GSA IT Slack admins

Those that are approved will be approved across the GSA Slack Enterprise Grid. Considerations:

  • Read access from Slack (e.g. RSS) will almost definitely be approved.
  • One-way integrations into Slack (e.g. via webhooks) are almost always fine.
  • Integrations from higher-risk systems into Slack will generally not be approved.