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Slack user management

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This page overviews the administrative tasks done to manage our Slack account at TTS.

Adding TTS staff

Fill out the user request form.


Slack users need to be offboarded in the following situations:

  • Someone leaving TTS
  • A partner who’s employment/engagement is ending
  • A contractor who is no longer supporting TTS

In all of these cases, #people-ops / the engagement manager / the COR should fill out the user modification form.

An admin will then do one of the following:

*NOTE: When a TTS Slack user is converted to a Single-channel user, they maintain access to their direct message chat history but are unable to search for or create new direct messages with folks that they’ve never messaged before. Unless another channel is specified, the only channel that will still be accessible is #alumni.

If they were a partner, the admin will also set their Downgraded/disabled on date in the user request spreadsheet.

Slack admins

Here are the resources used by Slack Admins to track and manage Slack accounts: