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Washington, D.C.

Getting here

From the airport

Reagan Washington National Airport (DCA) is the closest airport to D.C. (and GSA). If you're coming from DCA, you can take a cab (~$20) or ride the Metro, which is likely faster. Take the Blue line from the Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport station to Farragut West station. It should take approximately 15 minutes and cost ~$2.15. Once outside the Metro station, follow the directions under "Public Transit."

If you're coming from Dulles International Airport (IAD), you can take a cab (~$80) or ride the Metro. Take the Silver line from the Dulles Airport station to Farragut West station. It will take approximately one hour and cost less than $5. Once outside the Farragut West station, follow the directions under "Public Transit."

If you're coming from Thurgood Marshall Baltimore-Washington Airport (BWI), you can:

  • Take a cab (~$100)
  • Ride a MARC train ($7) to Union Station. MARC trains have a limited weekend schedule, but tickets are valid for a full calendar day— use your ticket to board any departing MARC train. From Union Station, take the Red line to Farragut North station.
  • Ride an Amtrak train to Union Station (~$15). Your ticket is for a specified time and train, which can be problematic if your flight is delayed. From Union Station, take the Red line to Farragut North station.
  • Take the B30 express Metro bus ($7) to Greenbelt station on the Green Line. Take the Green Line to either Fort Totten or Gallery Place, and transfer to the Red Line. Take the Red Line to Farragut North.


TTS' Washington office is located two blocks from the White House, six blocks from the Farragut North station, and three blocks from the Farragut West Metro Station.


Bike parking is free. The entrance to the bike room is via a ramp on E Street by Greenberry's Coffee. (There are two ramps into GSA courtyards. The one closer to 19th Street is the one you're looking for.) You must show your GSA ID to the guard and then take your bike down to the bike room in the big building at the center of the courtyard.

There are also numerous Capital Bikeshare stations in the vicinity.

Public transit

Take the Metro Red Line to Farragut North, or take the Metro Orange/Silver/Blue Line to Farragut West. Exit the Metro on the 18th Street side and walk south on 18th Street about four blocks to F Street. The main entrance to GSA is located at the middle of the building on F Street, between 18th and 19th Street.


There are two parking garages near GSA on 18th Street, one on the right and one on the left just as you pass F Street, between F and G Streets. In addition, there are other parking garages on Pennsylvania Avenue, between 18th and 17th Street within walking distance of GSA.

Parking at nearby garages tends to cost ~$14 for the first hour and then ~$21 for the second hour to a full day.

Once inside GSA

TTS is located on the 6th floor, in the 4th wing. When entering from the F Street entrance, go straight back once you pass through security. Walk down the hallway towards the back lobby. Right before reaching the end of the hall, take the elevators to your left to the 6th floor. Once exiting the elevator lobby, turn right and make your first right towards 6400.

How do I...

Enter the building for the first time

If you are a new employee or don't have a GSA ID badge / PIV card

Enter through the main building entrance on F Street and show the security guard your photo ID. They will guide you to the nearby badging office. Later on in the day (or soon after) you will have the opportunity to pick up your official GSA ID badge / PIV card, which will let you come and go through the turnstiles without checking in with security.

If you already have a GSA ID badge / PIV card

Enter through the main building entrance on F Street and show the security guard your PIV card. Explain that you're an employee and that you need your PIV card set up with the building. They will guide you to complete the process so you can come and go through the turnstiles without checking in with security.

(Note that pocket knives with blades longer than 2½" are prohibited.)

Enter the building if I'm based in another office

Your badge should get you in. If you're having trouble, call one of the points of contact listed above, or ask in , external,TTS-only, #dc.

Get my fingerprints and badge

Fingerprinting and the photo for your badge take place in room 1217. Badge pickup is in the same room 1217. After pickup, you'll need to get it activated for the turnstiles in G151. Go across the main lobby to wing 1, down the elevator and turn right. It looks like you are about to walk out of the building, but the room is just beyond that door.

Attend GSA and TTS orientation

The location of onboarding differs based on how many people are coming into GSA. You will find out the exact location once you arrive at orientation.

Mail something to the office

Send mail to:

(you can add "ATTN: Name" at top if desired)
General Services Administration
1800 F ST NW
Rm 3100
Washington, DC 20405-0001

Access the building after hours

Go to the F Street entrance, where 24/7 access is available. Please note that the building closes at 6 pm, a GSA badge is required for after hours access and no visitors are permitted.

Book rooms for meetings

Use TTS-only, BookIt to reserve rooms. The TTS space is in the G100 wing.

  • The TTS quiet room is G122B. It is un-reservable and is first-come, first served.
  • The closest reservable team rooms are G123A and G145m.

Avoid booking rooms:

  • x3xx rooms---they're really far away from TTS and aren't easily accessible
  • x0xx rooms---they're not as up-to-date as other wings

Receive visitors

If you're expecting a small group of US citizens (fewer than 15 or so), no advance action is required on your part. Let your guest(s) know to bring ID; they'll give your name and the TTS room number (G100) at the security desk. You'll have to escort visitors from security.

If you're expecting a large group, or if the group includes non-US citizens, you should give security advance notice.

Reserve parking for government business

In order to reserve parking for a meeting with a government colleague, email , external,Tenant Support with the driver's name, date, time, agency, and (if it's not a government vehicle) vehicle info. 2-3 business days is preferable but requests can be accommodated on less notice. Spots are located in the East Courtyard. Access the East Courtyard of the building via on E Street: it's the first right turn into the building, between Which Wich and Greenberry's.

Register for building badge swipe access as a non-GSA federal employee

Federal employees who work for agencies other than GSA can register their PIV cards to open doors and turnstiles at 1800 F by visiting the GSA security office. OMA Security is located on the ground floor in room G151. Office hours are Monday--Thursday from 7:00am--3:30pm. This is particularly useful for biking as it will allow your PIV card to open the courtyard doors from the parking lot.

Request a basement locker

Fitness center users and bicyclists who want to request a locker in the basement wing 3 should email , external,Tenant Support.

Access a printer

Refer to , external,TTS-only, our printer information document or on TTS-only, GSA's instructions on InSite for other regions for more details.

Get on the wireless

The guest wireless network in the building is GSA Guest. The password changes monthly. To obtain the current password, type "GSA Wireless" or "guest wifi" into any room on Slack and the current password will pop up.

Non-guest wireless access is available using gsa-wireless and authenticating using your ENT username (ENT\username) and password.

Where are the...

There are maps of the D.C. office in every elevator lobby.


Gendered bathrooms are located around the corner 6140 wing. A single-occupancy, wheelchair-accessible all-gender bathroom is located on the third floor in wing three (room 3355).

Nursing/Pumping rooms

Look for room 1232A at the back of the health center on the first floor. You don’t need to reserve it. If it’s in use, you can use the doctor’s office or one of the other rooms near the health clinic. After 4 p.m., you can access the nursing/pumping room directly from the hallway, but the rest of the health center will be closed.

There is a fridge inside the room and one outside the room, in the health clinic. At the end of the day, if there’s any milk in the outer fridge, they’ll move it to the inner fridge.


If you need batteries for your keyboard or trackpad, there is a consolidated supply closet on the first floor of the building, in the 200 wing.

Request keyboards and mice

Submit a Service Catalog ticket to IT Help Desk. Be sure to mention in the ticket that you have Mac laptop. Once your ticket has been approved, you can go and pick up at G200 (ground floor, second wing). Be sure to have your ticket number ready for them.


If you work in DC and do not have a locker assigned to you, email , external,Tenant Support to request a locker. You can request them by floor and wing or use the location label off of a locker cluster.


GSA has a small canteen on the first floor for snacks, yogurts, and coffee. Hours are: Monday, 7am-2pm; Tuesday-Thursday, 7am-3pm; Friday, 7am-2pm.

There is a vending machine in the kitchen that is located near 3150.

The DC fridge is cleaned out bi-monthly on Fridays (dates are posted on the fridge), and all food (including containers) is thrown out.


There is another fund for purchasing boxes of tissues in the winter months. Ask in , external,TTS-only, #dc if you want to contribute.


The water cooler is reserved for those who have contributed to the water cooler fund. Contact information for joining is on the cooler itself. Please remember to bring your own cup. In addition, there are water fountains by the bathrooms.


Child care

Here are some local child care facilities.

Gym, lockers, locker rooms

The gym is located in the basement. Make sure you bring your badge with you, as you'll need it to get back into the second wing. The easiest way to get there is by taking the old elevators at the F Street entrance down to the basement, walking slightly north, and then cutting across the parking lot (where the bike room entrance is) into the third wing hallway. The gym is on your left when you walk in, and the men's and women's locker rooms are down the long hallway to your right. If you want a locker, you can reserve one by , external,emailing Tenant Support.


Take the elevator to seventh floor for wireless and a beautiful view of the National Mall. The Northeast corner of the building does not have as fine a view, but it does have an overhead awning that better prevents glare on your laptop screen.

Transit subsidy

See the Transit Subsidy Handbook page.

Helpful contacts

Health center

There is a TTS-only, health center on the first floor. They offer flu shots and have basic medicine.

Food and coffee

, external,Google Map with lots of food and drink options.


A useful source for understanding DC weather is the Washington Post's , external,Capital Weather Gang, also on Twitter: , external,@capitalweather.

Evacuation procedures

See , external,TTS-only, the emergency guide.

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