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Google Calendar

Google Calendar is an online calendar that provides us with a single point of reference for scheduling time.


Because Google Calendar is a web application, there's no installation necessary.


TTS uses shared calendars for events, interviews, and "out of office" time. We also use shared calendars for working groups, guilds, and blog planning.

The following calendars are used for internal communication:

18F also uses these shared calendars:

  • , external,18F Events: Team-wide events, start dates, standups, and so on.
  • 18F Interviews: New hire interviews.
  • , external,18F Out of office: In addition to officially requesting time off in HR Links, please also add an event on the Google calendar "18F Out of Office" and invite yourself, so we all know when you’re gone.

Solutions also uses these shared calendars:

You can add the above calendars to your Google calendar by clicking on the link to launch the HTML view and then clicking on +Google Calendar on the bottom right of the screen.


Change default event durations

Google Calendar's default event duration is 30 minutes. If you want to change it:

  1. In the Settings menu, click Settings.
  2. Under General > Event Settings, choose 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes.
  3. For even shorter meetings, select Speedy meetings. 30 minute meetings become 25 minutes; 60 become 50, 90 become 80, and 120 become 110.
  4. Click Save.

Change default event permissions

Google Calendar's default event permissions prohibit guests from modifying the events to which they're invited. Update this if you'd rather send more flexible invitations.

  1. In the Settings menu, click Settings.
  2. Under General > Event Settings, choose Default guest permissions.
  3. Choose your desired default guest permissions

Sync Google Calendar with your iPhone

You can sync your schedule to an iOS device with Google Calendar. Use your Gmail account to sign in.

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