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GSA offers , external,Zoom for Government.


  1. Install the Zoom application through Self Service.
  2. Click Sign in with SSO.
  3. Enter If the domain is set to, click I don't know the company domain and enter your GSA email.
  4. Consider , external,adding a profile picture and your location and pronouns to your display name.

How to host a meeting

, external,General instructions.

For meetings longer than 40 minutes

You can check , external,your Zoom profile to see your user type and meeting capacity. , external,Submit a Service Now request to be upgraded to a , external,Licensed user.


Per the Important: Single Sign-on for Zoom for Government at email from GSA IT on 5/19/20:

Zoom is intended to be available for those who have a need which cannot be met with Google Meet - most GSA virtual meetings should be conducted in Google Meet. Zoom for Government is for special training needs, webinars or meetings with external agencies who cannot use Google.

Per the User Action Required for Zoom Usage email on 4/13/20:

only Zoom for Government may be used for Zoom meetings initiated by GSA employees.

GSA employees may join Zoom meetings hosted by external partners.

  • GSA employees may participate in Zoom meetings hosted by external partners UNLESS they are required to accept Zoom Terms of Service (TOS) or install software.
  • Zoom meetings hosted by external partners are to be limited to non-sensitive discussions.

Zoom Usage Guidance for GSA Hosted Meetings

  • All Zoom meetings hosted by GSA require a meeting password.
  • Do not use a Personal Meeting ID (PMI) for Zoom meetings hosted by GSA.
  • Do not share links to Zoom meetings or classrooms via publicly available social media outlets. Provide the links directly to specific invitees.
  • For public meetings hosted by GSA, limit screen sharing to "Host Only".
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